Best CBD Gummies For Pain: Top 7 Trusted CBD Brands 2022

If you have chronic pain, it might be time to try the best CBD gummies for pain today. Here is a list of the top brands to consider.

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It is possible that sometimes you have chronic pain that it seems the pain killers cannot handle. Or, the painkillers can become addictive. So, what would be a healthier alternative? That is where you might want to consider the best CBD gummies for pain to experience better relief.

Also, we find that CBD gummies might not have as many potential side effects as some prescription painkillers. So, what are your options for the best CBD gummies? Below we look at the top brands that can help in keeping the pain low generally.

Editor’s Choice


  • Excellent hemp source
  • Lab-grade CBD gummies
  • Tested in third-party labs

Top 7 Brands for the Best CBD Gummies for Pain

  1. CBDfx
  2. Spruce CBD
  3. CBDistillery
  4. Purekana
  5. JustCBD
  6. FAB CBD
  7. Greenroads

1. CBDfx

Best Cbd Gummies 1 Pros

  • All natural and gluten-free
  • Available in multiple flavors
  • It comes with many potency options


  • The email support team might be slow

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Overall Review

CBDfx is one of the top brands that would generally give you high-quality CBD-infused gummies. The brand has been in the market for a while now, so the CBD gummies you get from the brand will be good as expected. The brand has CBD gummies for inflamation, pain, sleep, and so much more. With such a variety, it would mean that you get value for money and the right gummies based on your needs.

The brand understands that we could all have different needs. That is why CBDfx CBD gummies are available in different potency options. Depending on the situation, you can always get a high or a low potency option. You also get a lot more options for flavors. So, even wellness gummies have many health benefits and still taste good.

The brand offers full spectrum products, so you may want to consider another brand if you are looking for broad-spectrum CBD options. The best part about the brand would be that you also get 100% organic hemp plants. This also means that the product is all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan too.

2. Spruce CBD

Best Cbd Gummies 2


  • 100% natural CBD gummies
  • Lab-grade CBD gummies
  • Third-party tested products


  • The gummies are expensive

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Overall Review

Spruce CBD is another top brand in the space of making quality CBD gummies. The gummies are largely known for being tasty. You should also expect them to be effective, just like the CBD oil that the brand makes. So, if you have used any CBD oil from Spruce, then you should take the gummies too.

Unlike some CBD gummy brands, this one uses a good hemp source for its full spectrum CBD gummies. You might not get CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD gummies, but it is a good brand to give you the best relief from whatever pain condition you might be experiencing. Also, lab tests show that the gummies do not have pesticides.

Still, on lab results, we find that the products are tested in a third-party lab. This is to show transparency and that the brand trusts its products. The test results also show that the gummies have no contaminants meaning they should give you the best results generally. Being potent CBD gummies also means that you can start to experience the effects faster.

3. CBDistillery

Best Cbd Gummies 3


  • Good customer support
  • Easily available lab results
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • You might have to refill more often

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Overall Review

Anyone who wants broad spectrum CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD gummies from one brand can consider CBDistillery. The best part is how CBD products are categorized. You can buy CBD gummies for pain relief, relaxation, recovery, sleep and focus. So, you can always find vegan CBD gummies for any need you might be having.

The brand also publishes the full lab results of the different CBD products it sells, including CBD gummies. These lab results are also updated more often. As a result, you might find that all the information is available before you can buy one. Regarding buying, you will likely get some nice discounts on the different gummies. This is good to ensure you can always save on your purchases.

Each subscription comes with free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee. You should now have plenty of time to test the gummies before deciding on whether to request a refund or not. The support team will generally help you understand more about the gummies even before buying.

4. Purekana

Best Cbd Gummies 4


  • Makes products using organic hemp
  • Multiple flavors available
  • Has free shipping


  • Slow support team

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Overall Review

Purekana can also be a good pick for those in the market for high-quality CBD gummies. The brand has some of the best potent gummies in the CBD market. You can get some of the gummies being as high as 1000mg of CBD per bottle. As such, consuming CBD gummies for pain relief should be possible.

So, how many CBD gummies should you get for pain? When purchasing CBD gummies, you would be advised on how many to take per day for the best results. The best part is that these gummies are made from organically grown help thus giving you the best quality and effective performance. So, even if you are to use only two gummies per day, it should be good enough.

When you want to consume gummies, you would always hope that they would be tasty. That is why you may want to get one from this brand. It features several flavors including apple cider vinegar, blue raspberry, mango, grape, and strawberry. We also notice that the brand tends to introduce new flavors more often.

5. JustCBD

Best Cbd Gummies 5


  • Multiple CBD types available
  • Can work for both day and night
  • Faster CBD effects


  • Expensive products

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Overall Review

Buying CBD gummies does not have to be hard when you have such a CBD gummy brand. It is known for making quality CBD products including the CBD edibles such as gummies. The gummies are also available in different types. The result is that taking CBD gummies is not boring and you get the best relief from pain that you are probably looking for at this point.

The brand also has different types of gummies. An example is using CBD isolate gummies for pain. Those who have used the gummies would claim to experience more relief from pain. Also, you get varying doses depending on the use. For pain and sleep, 5 gummies per day should be enough.

Those seeking a stronger CBD effect should consider the full spectrum CBD gummies. These gummies come with a mellow feeling and full-body relaxation. The relaxation is not too much to the point you cannot work. You can still keep the dose low to ensure you still remain alert. Two gummies a day is enough to keep the pain down.


Best Cbd Gummies 6


  • CBD sourced from the best farms
  • Tested by a third party lab
  • Mostly affordable gummies


  • Does not always have offers

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Overall Review

People like Fab CBD gummies because of how good they are in performance. The company makes overall the best CBD gummies because of the hemp source. Fab CBD uses organic hemp which is good to ensure that you do not have to worry about contaminants. The best is that you will not find additives and fillers to make them safe for anyone looking for quality CBD gummies.

The brand ensures its broad spectrum CBD extract gummies stand out thanks to sourcing the hemp from the best farms. Also, the CBD would be extracted using clean methods ensuring there are no solvents in the product. This at least gives you assurance of a safe product. The products are still tested in a third-party lab.

The customer support team is also highly rated for helping you understand the products better. In case you have any questions, you should get all the information you want. Also, the ordering process is easy so anyone who wants to place an order.

7. Greenroads

Best Cbd Gummies 7


  • Has multiple flavor options
  • The gummies are pharmacist-formulated
  • Multiple potencies available


  • Slow customer support sometimes

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Overall Review

Green Roads is full of organic CBD gummies that will help in many ways. The premium CBD gummies from the brand are known for pain relief and also have organic ingredients with no artificial flavors. Such a CBD company should help you see that CBD gummies work and can help improve your health.

CBD gummies rely on using quality hemp or cannabis plant to end up with premium CBD gummies. The brand relies on using the best sources, and also the extraction method is good, so no more contaminants in its gummies. The best part is that these products are more affordable than other CBD companies. You can save more if you get to subscribe to the brand.

You can get potent gummies with impressive CBD amount for pain relief. An example is one having 25mg of CBD per gummy. With such potency, you are sure it can keep the pain down. Also, there are many flavors to consider. The main options include lemon, blue raspberry, green apple, orange, and cherry. It is definitely not going to get boring with this type of gummies.

How We Choose These CBD Gummies

Having many CBD brands in the market would generally make it harder to end up with good and potent CBD gummies. It is for this reason, that you would want to choose the right CBD gummies for pain. We do that job for you by coming up with criteria for ensuring proper the best gummies only.

Brand reputation

If you have to choose CBD gummies from one brand, then the reputation of that brand should be really good. We take the time to go through several brands and recommend only reputable CBD companies.

We look at brands with a high customer rating showing that people would actually get what they ordered.

If the CBD candies are also tested in third-party labs, then it becomes easier for us to trust the brand. Of course, the brand still has to show us what CBD gummies provide, depending on the lab results.

Natural ingredients

You never have to worry about the quality of the regular CBD gummies if you choose from a top brand. The biggest consideration would be the type of ingredients you get with the best CBD-infused gummies. We recommend only brands that use natural ingredients. This is because they would generally make the gummies safe for different people.

Also, what is the evidence that the ingredients would actually work? That is why you have to further research the scientific evidence of how the ingredients would help with chronic pain, sleep, anxiety, and other conditions.


Anyone buying the gummies for pain inflammation would definitely want something strong. That is why you will look at the potency. Each potency option would be recommended for something specific. Like the full spectrum gummies would work for chronic pain, while the CBD isolate products would work better for anxiety.

Product variety

Good product variety would generally make it easier to find the correct CBD gummies for your health needs. We try to get brands with an impressive range of product variety. You can expect the list of brands to have broad spectrum hemp extract gummies, full spectrum CBD gummies, and pure CBD isolate gummies. Some might have all three while others have one or two product types.

Price and customer support

Anyone who wants to get the gummies would also want them at a good price. You have to get the best value for money generally. That is why it is critical to of course compare the various brand and settle on one that can give you the best results on overall.

Also, MIDSS only recommends brands with good customer support. This helps a lot in ensuring you can get further help in case the need arises. Sometimes you might want a refund. However, if the support team does not help, then you might feel it was not worth getting the CBD products from it.

How Long Does CBD Take To Work?

Health Canal claims that CBD can take an average of 15 minutes to work if you are using it sublingually or vaping. However, other forms, such as CBD edibles and gummies might take up to 45 minutes for the effects to kick in.

Other things that may affect how well the CBD gummies work also include the dosage and body composition. You might notice that you get to experience the effects faster if it is a strong dosage. However, it does not mean you should always use a lot of CBD at once. You have to pace yourself.

So, now you have used CBD, how long would it take for the effects to wear off?

Again, it depends on the dosage. However, it can take an average of two to six hours for the effects to wear off.

Are CBD Gummies Safe To Take?

Before you can get the best CBD gummies, you would want to know if they can be safe for you. One of the biggest factors for safety is the ingredients used in the gummies.

That is why we recommend that you should always consider the ingredients. A good brand lists its ingredients to help the buyer understand the product’s safety even more before buying.

Well, you can also expect the brand to publish its CBD gummies lab results. It makes sense to only buy gummies from a brand that can give you more details through the lab results.

Once you also understand the hemp source of the gummies plus the lab results, you can be sure if the gummies are safe to take or not.

What To Look For Before Purchasing CBD Products

You can expect to come across many options for CBD products. So, what would make you choose one brand over the others? Here are some of the things to look for before getting CBD products.

Customer reviews

When more people claim that the brand is good, then you would have confidence in its products. That is why you should always read customer reviews to understand what the brand has to offer. Sometimes you do not have to buy the product when many other people claim it is not good.

Product options

There can be many product options too from a brand. This would make it easier for you to choose a product that would also work great for your need. As an example, you can come across a brand with products for sleep, chronic pain, anxiety, and so much more.

Lab testing

Lab testing would also be a good sign when seeking to buy a top CBD product. The lab testing shows a brand is transparent and has nothing to hide. The best would be when the brand tests its products in a third-party lab and makes the results available.

The price & discounts

A good price will generally be what you need when seeking great CBD gummies too. It should generally be a price that reflects the value of the CBD gummies. That is why you can always compare different brands to see which one has good offers.

Discounts would also be nice. As much as not all brands would have offers, it is great to find one that often gives its customers offers.

Ingredient list

A good brand would not be afraid to share its ingredient list. This would generally help someone understand more about the brand and get the information before buying.

From the ingredient list, someone can generally do more research to find out more about the way the product can handle various applications they might have in mind.

Farming practices

Of course, the hemp source is an important consideration for the product you get to choose. This is why the farming practices of the brand are important. Sometimes the brand has to source from other farms. How do the farmers grow the hemp plants? That is why you should search more to understand how the brand gets its help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do CBD gummies help with pain?

Yes. CBD gummies can help with pain thanks to the CBD effects. You just have to make sure you are using the right CBD gummies recommended for pain relief for the best results.

  1. How long do CBD gummies take to start working for pain?

CBD gummies can help relieve pain within 30 to 45 minutes of taking the gummies. Always stick to the recommended dosage to keep pain low.

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