6 Best CBD Cream for Pain Relief

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Pain can be incredibly difficult to live with, especially chronic pain, it can be difficult to move and to do anything. This kind of suffering can have negative effects not only on your physical health but also can be incredibly taxing on a person mentally.

Using prescription pills to deal with this kind of pain can be dangerous, as they can have serious side effects and are highly addictive.

So you may be looking for something that is natural and effective in easing your pain, giving you much-needed relief.

In recent years, the popularity of using CBD has drastically risen, and not just with young people, but the older generation has also embraced it, as the benefits seem to be great. Especially when it comes to using a CBD cream for pain, to help with muscle relaxation, easing joint pain. Some people even use it as part of their skincare routine, as it does wonders for your skin.

If this is something that interests you, if you are looking for pain relief of your own, then do stick around as next, we are going to explore the very best brands that produce CBD creams.

Top 6 Brands of CBD Cream for Pain:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Cream For Pain & CBD Lotion
  2. FAB CBD – Top CBD Brand For Buying CBD Topicals With CBD Benefits
  3. Cheef Botanicals – Popular Hemp Cream For Back Pain
  4. CBDistillery – Natural CBD Creams For Neuropathy Pain
  5. Medterra – Easy To Use Creams, Lotion & Salves; CBD For Pain
  6. Joy Organics – CBD For Pain Relief & Inflammation

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Cream For Pain & CBD Lotion

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Exhale Wellness has acquired the top place in all of the products that they have brought to their platform. Their CBD cream is made of several ingredients to heal pain  which include edibles, cartridges, flowers, cigarettes, and tinctures. According to their consumers, the brand’s CBD gummies have received an overwhelming response as they have been a flavorful and discreet treat to them

Exhale Wellness always follows the concept of using natural, organic and vegan hemp products for manufacturing its varied range of products to people. The founders made sure to never compromise on these factors and always ensure the delivery of high-quality products to their customers. As the cannabis market initially lacked such features, Exhale Wellness soon became the talk of the common market since they delivered the much-desired factors. The hemp is harvested and cultivated from organic farms in Colorado and is manufactured with non-GMO and 100% natural ingredients through CO2 extraction.

CBD creams of Exhale Wellness are incredibly relaxing that provide consumers with a soothing experience. It has been observed that these creams have helped a lot of consumers with the issues of the pain that they face. Exhale Wellness’s CBD creams are the way to a calmer and higher state of body and soul.


CBD cream of Exhale Wellness is popular due to the fact that it uses natural and organic raw materials in its production. It is clinically approved and third-party laboratory tested which makes it safe and effective for its users.

CBD cream uses full-spectrum CBD, is vegan-friendly and a free from GMO product. They use potent products and never compromise with their quality. Their quality and effectiveness are the main cause of the company’s goodwill and its wide range of products.


  • Highly potent
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Affordable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Only available online

Customer experience

Over the years, Exhale Wellness has won over thousands of customers with its outstanding services and quality as its primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction. The brand encourages the consumers to leave feedback after 30 days of using the product so that they can improve their offerings with its help. To make the brand customer’s first pick, Exhale Wellness offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. As per the customer reviews, CBD creams have been quite helpful with relieving pain and providing comfort.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Exhale Wellness”

#2. FAB CBD – Top CBD Brand For Buying CBD Topicals With CBD Benefits

Best Cbd Cream For Pain 2

FAB CBD is a company based in Tampa that was founded in 2014 and later established in 2017. Even though they are relatively new on the market, their reputation is great thanks to their team of experts, who have over 25 years of experience in the health industry. Especially in pharmaceuticals, health, and fitness, as well as supplements.

Their mission is, as stated on their website, to make high-end CBD products that anyone can gain access to. FAB CBD makes all of their products from organic high-quality hemp that is grown in Colorado. All of their products are full of cannabinoids and terpenes good for your health, they are also very clean.

FAB CBD makes sure to create their products according to the highest standards possible that they never deviate from. Their CBD cream is considered to be the best CBD cream for pain on the market today. This cream has a light and fresh aroma of blood oranges, whereas most other CBD creams tend to have an unpleasant smell. FAB CBD’s topical cream is highly effective, it contains 600mg of CBD per jar.

They also have a line of CBD oils varying in taste and strength, CBD gummies for both whenever and for nighttime. As well as CALM & Cool CBD dog treats.


Their CBD cream is top rated because of its high levels of effectiveness when it comes to helping with pain management. Also, it is light and non-greasy with a pleasant smell, thanks to which this product is FAB CBD’s best-selling product. This cream is great for those that are looking for something to help them alleviate pain on localized parts of their body.

They also have a great variety of products like CBD oils that differ in flavour and strength. CBD gummies and more.

All of their products are tested by the third-party lab, ProVerde Laboratories, to ensure that they are safe and of high quality. FAB CBD makes their results available on their site for their customers.


  • Nice and easy-to-use website
  • Light and fresh smelling CBD cream for pain
  • Third-party lab tests
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Sold out fast
  • No shipping to the UK and Canada

Customer experience

They have a great number of positive customer reviews. In fact, all of the products on their website have 5-star ratings.

FAB CBD gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products if they are not up to your standards. They also offer you free shipping on orders over $89.

=> Click here to visit the official website “FAB CBD”

#3. Cheef Botanicals – Popular Hemp Cream For Back Pain

Best Cbd Cream For Pain 3

Cheef Botanicals is a brand that has been around for quite some time, gaining a strong reputation as one of the best CBD brands. Their products are clean, fully natural, and of great quality. This company was founded by a team of cannabis enthusiasts with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry.

Cheef Botanicals grows their hemp in the USA working closely with hemp farms in Colorado in order to produce CBD products of the highest possible quality that are available on the market.

You can get their pain relief salves in 500 mg up to 2000 mg concentration of CBD. They are made from all-natural ingredients. This salve is great for athletes because it helps them soothe and relax their muscles after an intense workout.


Because all the ingredients used in Cheef Botanicals’ pain relief salve are natural, you can be sure that there are no traces of artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives. They combine their full-spectrum CBD with some essential oils, like olive oil, peppermint essential oil,  jojoba oil, Vitamin E, CBD oil, and calendula flowers.

Their salve provides almost instantaneous relief. In fact, some customers even claim to feel relief immediately upon the salve touching their skin.

But you should expect to feel the effect 15 minutes after applying the salve on you, and it lasts 2 to 3 hours. This salve is highly effective, to which attest a large number of positive customer reviews.

You can get it in varying strengths from 500mg for regular strength, then 1000mg for extra strength, and 2000mg for maximum strength. So you have a variety to choose from according to your preference.

Cheef Botanicals has their products tested by third-party labs. They offer a look at their test results on their website so customers can rest assured that the product is safe and of high quality.


  • Highly effective salve that provides quick relief.
  • Natural ingredients
  • High-quality CBD products
  • Tested by third-party labs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • You can only get it in salve form at the moment, no creams

Customer experience

Customers seem to be very satisfied with Cheef Botanicals, leaving positive reviews. Their website is easy to navigate through.

Cheef Botanicals is on a mission to educate people about consuming natural and safe CBD products.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Cheef Botanicals”

#4. CBDistillery – Natural CBD Creams For Neuropathy Pain

Best Cbd Cream For Pain 4

CBDistillery is a company founded in 2016 by founders who were disappointed at the inferiority of the CBD products on the market. Deciding to take matters into their own hands and start making high-quality CBD products.

They offer a wide range of products with high potency CBD products, among which is a CBD cream containing 500mg of CBD per jar.

This cream is made specifically to provide relief and help the user recover from their affliction.


CBDistillery creates their CBD cream for pain using organic hemp extract of high quality combined with other natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, lavender and rosemary essential oils, and almrangeond oil. The CBD cream doesn’t contain any traces of artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives, meaning they are safe to be used on your body.

They offer a wide range of CBD creams that contain 500 mg CBD per jar. They are products like arming and cooling creams, relief sticks, salves, skin care creams, and body lotions.

All of their CBD products are tested by third-party labs and certified by the US Hemp Authority.


  • It offers a wide range of products to choose from, all with different effects like warming and cooling.
  • Organic and natural ingredients.
  • Friendly and available customer support.
  • There are discounts for most of the products.


  • The potency of the cream is not the greatest.
  • Shipping delays
  • Not transparent about their contact info

Customer experience

There are some negative customer reviews, but they are mainly about problems that arise with late shipments and deliveries. Other reviews tell about their satisfaction with the customer support staff.

=> Click here to visit the official website “CBDistillery”

#5. Medterra – Easy To Use Creams, Lotion & Salves; CBD For Pain

Best Cbd Cream For Pain 5

Medterra was founded in 2017 and is a small company that is based in Irvine, California, and they are another brand that is certified by the U.S Hemp Authority. They have a rating of A+ on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

They process all of their products in a certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility that receives regular audits from the FDA. Their operations and supply chain specialist also audits suppliers to ensure cGMP standards.

The brand uses all-natural hemp that is planted and harvested in Kentucky and they also assist in supporting farmers in the United States.

This company offers a broad range of products to their users. They range from CBD creams, oils, gummies, to capsules. They even sell products that are formulated, especially for pets.


Medterra gets their CBD cream through the CO2 extraction process and they ensure that all the ingredients they use are non-GMO, without any additives, preservatives, or THC. They make their CBD cream for pain using only natural ingredients and essential oils like menthol, sunflower seed oil, and aloe vera.

Medterra is the brand that is considered to have the greatest variety of CBD creams offered to their customers compared to other brands. This gives users several options to choose from, which is always great as not everyone is looking for the same product.

Some of the varieties that are offered are the Medtrerra Pain Relief Cream, Relief and Recovery Rapid Cooling Cream, and Manuka Honey Healing Cream.


  • The hemp they use is all-natural and organic
  • The prices for the creams are very affordable
  • The products have been tested by third-party labs
  • A wide range of CBD creams offered
  • Non-GMO and without any kind of additives and preservatives


  • The combination of ingredients may not work for every person

Customer experience

Customers love shopping on this website as seen in their reviews. The customer support staff is very friendly and helpful. The website has a pleasant design and is easy to navigate.

Medterra tests aloof their products vigorously with third-party tests by an ISO 17025-compliant lab. This means that the lab has been known to consistently produce reliable and valid results.

The contact info for Medterra is easy to find on their website. Meaning if you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days and you will get your money back minus the shipping cost.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Medterra”

#6. Joy Organics – CBD For Pain Relief & Inflammation

Joy Organics is the one brand on our list that is family-owned and operated. It was first founded by humanitarian Joy Smith. She used CBD to help with her own sleep issues and other health issues. Upon seeing the benefits that CBD provides for people, she decided to found Joy Organics. And also because she didn’t think that the products available on the market were of good enough quality.

Their CBD salve provides users with great pain-relieving effects without having THC in them. They make this salve by combining full-spectrum CBD with other natural ingredients. Because there is no THC in the salve, it can be used by people sensitive to cannabinoids also.

Joy Organics offers a wide range of products with different levels of THC. Products like  CBD creams that have 250mg of CBD, CBD salves with 500mg or 1000mg CBD per jar, CBD oils, gummies, pet products, a hemp-infused face mask, and they even offer a hemp-infused energy drink.


Their products are non-GMO and contain no harmful additives that could cause you problems. They make their salve using high-quality hemp extract and other ingredients like organic olive oil, cetyl alcohol, sea salt, and organic glycerine.

All products made by Joy Organics are tested by third-party labs. Whose results you can see on their website.

If you are not satisfied with your products you can return them as the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Third-party lab tests.
  • Organically grown hemp in the United States
  • The products contain no traces of THC
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Great customer care service
  • Doesn’t have a strong smell
  • You can cancel your order at any time
  • Free shipping


  • The packaging is not the most appealing
  • Not all of their products are vegan

Customer experience

Customers are extremely satisfied with their customer support in their reviews, they say that the support staff is very helpful and incredibly attentive. Joy Organics on their website has a blog where they talk about different CBD products.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Joy Organics”

How We Made Our List Of Best CBD Cream For Pain?

When we were doing our research for this article, our list of brand names was getting longer and longer, so we were in need of an edit. In order to cut down our list, we decided to set up criteria that the brands had to meet in order to be on our list.

That really helped us to narrow down our search to the very best brands.

What we searched for is:


Safety was of the utmost importance for us to consider when we were making this list. We made sure that we understood how the hemp was sourced and from where. Were there any additives in the products that may be harmful to your health, was there a risk for possible side effects if we felt the products were unsafe, it was removed from our list.


We looked at the process of manufacturing the products and whether it met with FDA guidelines and approval. What the farming process was like, what kind of soil was used, how the hemp was sourced, and from where. Then how were the CBD creams made, are there any harmful additives or preservatives in them.


We made sure to look into whether the products were made with natural ingredients. Are they suitable for vegans and vegetarians? Because some brands don’t care much for their customers and may put additives that can harm you based on your diet.


We checked out if the products were tested by third-party labs to confirm their purity and quality. And whether they are transparent about their results. Honest brands usually have their results posted on their website so that customers can see them.


We looked at how effective the CBD creams were in relieving the customers from pain. This way, we could tell if the product was worth the money spent. Some brands will try to sell you falsely advertised products that have no kind of effect. We made sure to remove these companies from our list.

Customer reviews

The best way to find out more without trying out the product is to read through the customer reviews. Because these are the honest opinions of people that have felt the effects of the product. If the reviews are largely positive, then it’s a safe bet that the product is good, but if they are not, it’s a matter of concern. If there are too many negative reviews, you should steer clear of that particular brand.

You can check out the reviews on third-party sites, because on the official website of a brand they may be heavily moderated to make it seem like they have positive feedback.

When all was checked and we were sure that the brands we selected are up to the standard, we set out on writing our reviews about each of them. Every brand was examined to the smallest detail possible in order to give you the best information and make your choice easier.

What You Need To Know Before Buying CBD Cream For Pain?

If you are flirting with the idea to start using CBD products like creams or salves? It is best to make sure that you know what you are looking for, and to what purpose you are planning to use them.

As CBD creams are used to help with pain relief and muscle relaxation there are some things that you have to know before you buy one. There are many products out there that are designed to scam people, so you must be careful when purchasing in order not to lose your money.

You need to know what you are hoping to get out of the CBD cream, not all CBD creams work for everyone. What helps someone else may be of no use to you. Also, make sure to find out if you have any allergies, you don’t want to end up in the hospital with an allergic reaction.

So in order to help you make the most of your shopping experience below we have compiled what to look for when looking to buy the best CBD cream for pain.

Source of the hemp

One of the most important factors to take into account when buying CBD products is the source of the hemp, in order to determine their quality. The hemp plant is what helps with the pain relief so it has to be of great quality.

Some brands tend to lie about the source of their hemp and say that it’s grown in the United States. They do this because hemp that is grown in Europe or Asia, for instance, is not held to the same standards as the one grown in the United States.

Make sure that the brand you are buying from is one that is known for its transparency on this issue.

Type of hemp extract

There are three kinds of hemp extract, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolates. Full-spectrum is a whole hemp extract, and it contains less than 0.3% THC, full-spectrum products are considered to be the most beneficial.

The broad-spectrum extract is a full spectrum of cannabinoids but has no traces of THC. Lastly, the CBD isolates contain pure CBD.

Lab tests

If you want to make sure that your CBD product is of good quality, check to see if the brand tests its CBD products through third-party labs. This is the only way to ensure that the product you are buying has good quality, is pure, and is safe.

Usually, brands that are reputable have their test results posted on their website, where they can be easily found. Or if they are not posted, they will gladly provide you with them if you ask for the results.

If they are not willing to provide the results to you, and they are not displayed on their website, then be careful. This means that they most likely got bad results or they did not even test their products. This should be your cue to avoid this brand.

Consider the price

If you are considering using CBD creams, whether for pain relief or for whatever other purpose. Chances are you are going to need to buy it more often, so here you need to be smart with your money.

Most CBD creams’ price depends on the quality of ingredients, the dosage, and even the brand. So make sure to choose a CBD cream within your budget but also  of good quality.

The ingredients

One of the most crucial factors to be considered when looking for any CBD product is the list of ingredients. Make sure to thoroughly read and research them, in order to understand what they are.

It is important that the ingredients in manufacturing of the products offer positive effects and not negative. Positive effects for creams would be if they are providing a cooling effect, warming effect, or healing.

The best ingredients are those that are organic and natural, non-GMO, and that contain no artificial additives.

Shipping and return policies

If the return process is complicated this is an indication that the company knows their product is subpar. They intentionally make it difficult to return their product, so you won’t be able to get your money back.

A reputable and transparent company would never do this because they are confident in the quality of their product. Make sure to read the customer reviews because that is where you will find out more about the shipping and return policies.

FAQs Regarding CBD Balms & Lotions For Pain Relief:

Here we will try to answer some of the most searched for questions, in order to give you some clarity about CBD, and CBD products.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, this is a natural substance that is found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Although hemp and marijuana are in the same family, they are very different plants. Unlike marijuana, hemp is low in THC which is the cannabis chemical known for its hallucinogenic effects. Hemp is high in CBD which can improve focus and overall wellness.

CBD has been shown to offer many health benefits without causing the psychoactive “high” effects of THC. It can help with many conditions like anxiety, arthritis or joint problems, digestion issues, Epileptic seizures, allergies, general pain, to regulate appetite, inflammation, and more.

How do you use CBD cream?

Before starting to use a CBD product, you should make sure that you understand how to get the right amount for you. Effective dosages are different from person to person. CBD cream is great for pain relief, as it targets a specific area of the body with the benefits of CBD.

When it comes to applying the CBD cream you should use the same amount as with a non-CBD cream. Pat gently into the skin and the effect should be felt in a short time.

Are there side effects to using CBD?

Research conducted tells us that CBD is generally considered to be safe for use. But there are some potential side effects that you should look out for like: fatigue, diarrhea, changes in appetite, changes in weight.

You should consult with your doctor before trying CBD, especially if you’re taking any medications, because it may interact with some medications that you are taking.

Also, high-fat meals can severely increase CBD blood concentrations, which can increase the risk of side effects.

What is CBD Salve?

Salves are used for pain relief, they are a form of topical CBD oils that can be applied directly to the skin.

They are the strongest type of CBD topicals available, usually containing the highest concentrations of CBD in comparison to other topicals. Salves have been around for thousands of years; they are designed to penetrate deep into the muscles.

Salves work like any other CBD topicals. Topical CBD applications do not enter the bloodstream, they penetrate the skin and surrounding tissues.

The skin is a semi-permeable membrane, meaning it absorbs anything you put on it, but also the skin is covered with special cannabinoid receptors. These receptors specifically interact with cannabinoids, like CBD, when they come in contact.

What is  CO2 extraction?

This type of extraction is one of the purest and cleanest forms of extracting CBD. CO2 extraction also makes sure that there are no solvents left in the extracted concentrate of CBD because these solvents can be harmful to your skin. In order to make CBD creams, different essential oils are added to CBD oil, like olive oil, coconut oil as well as cocoa butter, or shea butter, which gives it a form of cream or lotion.

What are the benefits of CBD cream?

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties when consumed orally or applied to your skin. CBD creams are a better alternative for pain relief than CBD oil, as they can be applied directly to the area on the body where you feel pain and it will be more effective, as compared to CBD oil which provides general pain relief in the body.

Also, CBD creams are all-natural and organic and they do not contain any side effects that most painkillers do. The majority of people make use of CBD creams for muscle or joint pains, it has also been proven that CBD cream is effective in relieving arthritis.

Besides using CBD creams to deal with chronic pain, acute pain, sore muscles, and sore joints, they are also used for dealing with a number of skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, sunburns, and rashes. It also helps with the buildup of dead skin cells and soothing pain caused by various skin infections.

With recent research, we have found out that CBD oil consists of more antioxidants than most essential oils. Which is the reason that many people have included CBD creams as a part of their skincare regime. CBD creams provide various medicinal qualities as well as anti-aging properties that make the skin appear smooth and youthful.

Will you get high if you use CBD cream?

No, CBD cream will not make you high, this is just a misconception that some people have. Because CBD creams are applied on the top layers of the skin, it does not get in your bloodstream. This is why CBD creams are also called topical. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, which is the industrial version of the cannabis plant, and it provides a high content of CBD and very low content of THC, which makes CBD oil legal. CBD creams are also popular because they will not make a drug test appear positive.

Does CBD interact with other medications?

Because CBD is a biologically active compound, there may be some consequences, like the regular side effects of CBD, but also unwanted interactions with supplements, herbal products, over-the-counter, and prescription medications.

If you are taking CBD at the same time with over-the-counter or prescription medications and substances that cause sleepiness, like opioids, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, antihistamines, antidepressants, or alcohol, it may lead to increased sleepiness, fatigue, and accidental falls as well as accidents when driving.

Increased sedation and tiredness can also appear if you are using certain herbal supplements, like kava or melatonin. Taking CBD with the diabetes drug metformin or certain heartburn drugs may increase the risk of diarrhea. And using it with stimulants may lead to decreased appetite.

Because many of the drugs that we use for medical reasons are broken down by enzymes in the liver, CBD may interfere with these enzymes, leading to too much or not enough of the drug in the body; this is called altered concentration.

The altered concentration, in turn, may lead to the medication not working, or an increased risk of side effects. These kinds of drug interactions with CBD are usually hard to predict and can be the cause of unpleasant and sometimes serious health problems.

Concluding – CBD Creams For Arthritis In 2022:

There you have it based on our long and thorough research, these are the brands that we consider to be the best when it comes to making a CBD cream for pain.

So if you are someone that suffers from pain daily, or you have pain rarely it doesn’t matter, do consider giving CBD creams a try. CBD is a great way to relieve pain as it is safe and non-addictive.

CBD creams have heating and cooling effects that may help relieve painful symptoms, inflammation,  and any other conditions that may cause serious pains to you.

You can choose one of the brands we reviewed, from what our research showed these are the ones with the most positive feedback from their customers. They have the most effective products on the market.

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