The Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams for 40s


Your 30s seem like a long time ago now. As you enter your 40s, no amount of water or cucumber slices seems to help with the fine lines or puffiness around your eyes. Instead of panicking about how much older you appear, you have done the best thing for yourself: finding out which eye cream can help you defy the passage of time. 

And the good news is there are truly a lot of anti-aging eye creams out there that are made just for this! After all, you are not the first and surely not the last person to notice fine lines around your eyes. So, we have decided to compile a list so that it’s easier for you to pick and choose. Eye creams can be a relatively expensive affair, but since youth is an elixir we cannot buy, this is the closest you can get. 

Let’s get down to it. 

1. Blu Atlas Restorative Eye Stick 


First on our list is the Blu Atlas Eye Stick. Compact, hygienic, and totally worth every dollar. 

The Blu Atlas Eye Stick is exactly what it says it is: a stick that is meant for your peepers. Apply the gentle formula to the skin around your eyes and watch as the algae Dunaliella salina works its magic. This algae supplies beta-carotene and vitamin B12, which will act as a natural antioxidant to further protect skin from free radical damage. 

If you have spent most of your life without this eye stick, chances are you would have noticed those fine lines and puffy eye bags that never seem to de-puff. The Blu Atlas Eye Stick comes with caffeine, an ingredient that actively helps to reduce puffiness and discoloration of the skin around your eyes.

If you tend to rub your eyes a little too hard or if you tend to get allergies, the Blu Atlas Eye Stick is formulated with rose damascena water that reportedly helps to heal tiny cuts. This means that if your skin is a little broken from all that rubbing and allergies, this eye stick can still be used! 

Don’t just take it from us. Forbes and Men’s Journal have both claimed that the Blu Atlas Eye Stick is one of the best eye creams around. The Blu Atlas Eye Stick is definitely one of the best anti-aging eye creams for people in their 40s—go ahead and give it a spin!

2. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream 


Drunk Elephant may look too colorful to be taken seriously as an eye cream, but trust us when we say it is one of the best anti-aging eye creams for people in their 40s. Sure, it looks kiddy, but they are a powerhouse of an eye cream! 

Drunk Elephant is definitely on the “more is more” camp when it comes to skin care. It has not one, but five different types of vitamin C packed within its formula. Five! Vitamin C helps to brighten and renew your skin, so if dark eye circles are an issue for you, you should definitely give this eye cream a try. You will definitely look infinitely more alive when your dark eye circles lighten a shade or two! 

It also contains an eight-peptide blend which helps to restore the firmness around your eyes. As we age, the skin elasticity near our eyes is no longer like in our youth. This peptide blend is formulated to make sure that the problem of sagging skin near our eyes slowly goes away with daily use.

Do take note, though, that vitamin C can cause irritation to your skin if you have sensitive skin. People who have tried it have noted that it is best to do a patch test on your skin before applying it directly to the skin near your eyes, as the concentration of VitC can be a tad too much for your delicate eye area. 

If your skin has never had irritation to VitC, whether in a moisturizer or lotion, you can definitely give this eye cream a try and reap the wondrous benefits of VitC! 

3. SKII Skin Power Eye Cream 


Ah, an eye cream from the Japanese. Ever wondered how the Japanese always look so youthful? The magic may lie in their use of SKII. From the same company that invented the famous SKII Facial Treatment Essence product comes the SKII Skin Power Eye Cream. If the Facial Treatment Essence is anything to go by (it sells a bottle every two minutes), this eye cream is surely excellent. 

Like the Facial Treatment Essence, this eye cream contains Pitera, an exclusive ingredient crafted by fermenting a unique yeast strain. This ingredient is trademarked by SKII, and you would not be able to find another product elsewhere that uses this same ingredient. It promises to keep the skin around your eye supple, smoothing out any fine lines that you may already have. 

On top of that, it is also formulated with calla lily and peony extract—two extracts that you do not see commonly in other anti-aging eye care products. Together with Pitera, it forms a strong cocktail of ingredients that serves to lighten your dark eye circles from deep under the epidermal layer.

To get the best results, SKII recommends using a pea-sized dollop of this product twice daily. A little product goes a long way. Judging by the thousands of reviews this product has received, it does seem like the Pitera does its magic of brightening and tightening the eye area. 

When you are hitting your 40s, you do not have time to mess around with gimmicks.  You want a traditional stalwart that has stood the test of time, and SKII Skin Power Eye Cream is definitely a prime choice that you won’t regret. 

4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Gel-Creme 


Want to look more well-rested? Estee Lauder’s newest eye anti-aging eye cream will help make you look like you have got eight hours of sleep (when in reality, you only had three). 

In studies done by Estee Lauder companies, 91% of women said that after applying the eye cream consistently, the fine lines around the eye area reduced within a week. Whether or not that would work for you is anyone’s guess but an eye cream that promises discernable results within a week? It is definitely worth a try! 

This eye cream claims to fight aging by using what they call “Double Action”—resisting environmental irritation and neutralizing active free radicals. In this day and age, where we are always on our phones (hello, blue light!), we definitely need help to fight the visible effects of free-radical damage that comes from blue light. The combination of vitamin E and antioxidants within the formula does exactly that, without us having to do any heavy lifting. 

It comes in a silky gel-creme form and is suitable for dry, normal, combination, and oily skins. You don’t have to apply too much of it to reap the benefits—just a pea-sized dollop will do for each eye. In a clinical test on 52 women over one week, 89% agreed initial signs of aging appeared diminished. Whichever sex you identify with, this result is quite incredible for just a week! 

The iconic Estee Lauder has produced skin care since 1946, and with research results this good, it is little wonder that it remains a firm favorite amongst those in the know. 

5. Geologie Nourishing Under Eye Cream 


Next on this list of best anti-aging eye creams for people in their 40s would be Geologie’s Nourishing Eye Cream. If you think this eye cream looks too “basic” to do the heavy lifting, think again. 

This eye cream packs a rich mix of kojic acid, peptides, antioxidants, caffeine, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. All of these are present in an eye cream worth its salt. Geologie’s unique use of kojic acid (a by-product of fermented soy sauce and rice wine) will also help to reduce dark and puffy eye bags by inhibiting the production of melanin. This is definitely good news for those who struggle with dark eye circles that never seem to lighten! 

If saggy eye bags are a worry for you at this point, you will be happy to know that Geologie’s nourishing eye cream actually contains acetyl hexapeptide-8 (argireline). It helps to inhibit the movement of reactions that cause small muscles to move and contract, which aids in the production of saggy eye bags. 

Along with niacinamide and kojic acid, having peptides like argireline actually helps to smoothen out the dry and saggy skin around your eye area and make sure that it stays moisturized throughout the day. If you have ever considered botox just to fix the saggy eye bags, perhaps a less expensive option would be to try this eye cream first. 

The last we checked, Geologie promises a refund if you are not happy with the results within 30 days. If you do not end up liking it, you can always return it or exchange it for something that might work better for your skin. A low-risk, high-reward exchange—making Geologie nourishing eye cream an anti-aging eye cream to consider! 

6. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair® Retinol Eye Cream


Do not get put off by the phrase “wrinkle repair.” After all, we are all here on this page because we know that this might happen sooner rather than later, right? Always best to address the issue head-on and tackle it before it happens! 

Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream includes retinol and hyaluronic acid, two of the most important ingredients needed to tackle both wrinkles and dry and dark eye circles. 

While retinol as an ingredient can be quite difficult to navigate—some users have reported increased skin sensitivity after using retinol—Neutrogena is regarded as a “retinol leader,” with more than 20 retinol patents and 100 clinical retinol studies. As with any skincare products that include retinol, it is best to first do a patch test to test if you are sensitive to it. And if you are applying it during the day, always, always apply a layer of SPF30 or higher on top of it. 

Through the use of hyaluronic acid, this gem of an eye cream promises to help fade the look of crow’s feet and smooth fine lines by hydrating the delicate skin around your eyes. The gel-creme texture of this Neutrogena eye cream is creamy but light, which goes a long way in helping your skin absorb the ingredients better. 

It is also formulated without parabens, mineral oils, and dyes, which means less likelihood of you developing allergies to the eye cream. Hooray! 

7. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin ™ Eye Cream with Niacinamide


If you haven’t heard of Dr. Jart+ before, this will be a good introduction to the medical world of hydrating eye creams. 

Dr. Jart’s eye cream is formulated with Dr. Jart+’s very own Ceramidin™ Complex, a signature blend of five ceramides that help to lock in moisture and niacinamide, which helps to stimulate ceramide production. And what does ceramide do in eye creams? It helps your skin to retain moisture under your skin a lot better, and helps to keep your under-eye area from looking dry and tired. Niacinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3, can be found in foods like meats, eggs, and green vegetables, but if you don’t have time nor money to make sure you get enough of all that goodness to help your skin look its best, this is the eye cream that will help you with that. 

This anti-aging eye cream also contains Applight™, developed by Dr. Jart+, which will help with reducing the darkness of dark eye circles. Used twice daily, people have claimed that the fine lines are less obvious, and they are no longer walking around with a pair of “panda eyes.” 

If you have dry skin under your eyes that is making you look older than you really are, then Dr. Jart+’s eye cream is the perfect solution for you. Want to give your eyes a little treat? Pop this eye cream into the refrigerator and only take it out when you want to. Hey, the temperature of the eye cream may not make any difference in terms of results, but you would definitely feel more refreshed! 

8. Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream for Very Sensitive Skin


Avene is no stranger to the French skincare scene. With French skincare being all the rage of #SkinTok now, there is no better way to get in on all the skincare action than trying out Avene. 

This anti-aging eye cream has been tested and approved by both dermatologists and  ophthalmologists as being safe to use. Out of all the eye creams that we are recommending here, this is probably the best for sensitive skin. And when you’re hitting your 40s and have maybe dealt with many skin issues in the past, this is probably the safest eye cream you can use. 

Just a small dollop for both areas under the eye is sufficient. Avene recommends using your ring finger to gently dab around the eye area so that we can help to “decongest” the puffiness.  

This anti-aging eye cream includes chamomile and dextran sulfate, which helps to reduce fine lines and puffiness. This, coupled with the gentle dabbing that you do while applying the eye cream, helps to depuff the eyebags that you see daily. It also contains a photostable vitamin E, which helps to provide powerful antioxidant protection against free radicals.

This eye cream is lightweight and smooth and has been tested out by many generations of women and men. Females in the 45-54 age range, especially, reported that their fine lines and puffiness have reduced significantly after applying Avene for at least 60 days. People who have tried different eye creams and reported sensitivity to those have turned to Avene for its soothing and hydrating eye cream. 

If you are someone who errs on the side of caution and wants to spend your dollar wisely, Avene is definitely an inexpensive anti-aging eye cream to consider. 

9. Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Eye Gel


Paula’s Choice Anti-Aging Eye Gel may be a new product, but it is definitely a strong contender for best anti-aging eye cream! Based on the rave reviews it has gotten from people who are in their forties, you’d never guess that this unassuming grey tube was going to be so good for your eyes. 

First up, it contains the usual mix of peptides and hyaluronic acid, which will definitely help with keeping the delicate area around your eye hydrated. The formula, however, has also added an interesting choice—licorice root extract—which promises to fix uneven skin tone and lighten your dark eye circles! For those of us who have struggled with uneven skin tone or pigmentation because of sun damage, Paula’s Choice anti-aging eye gel might just be the solution. 

If you’re in your forties and love your eye makeup, you’d be glad to know that this eye gel texture works wonders under makeup. Doesn’t streak, doesn’t get cakey, and is a firm favorite amongst makeup artists who need that extra oomph in their makeup.

Ideally, you will be able to find and use an applicator for this gel because of the way it oozes out of the tube. Or, if you don’t mind, you can just squeeze a pea-size dollop onto your finger and apply it directly to your eye. Used twice daily, this should guarantee that your skin will be brighter looking than ever. 

10. RoC Retinol Correxion Line Smoothing Eye Cream


Another product that contains the all-important ingredient, retinol. This concentrate is definitely more potent than a normal eye cream, which really just means you will get more value out of your purchase! 

This eye cream is powered by pure RoC® Retinol and its exclusive mineral complex, which has been proven to smooth fine lines almost immediately after applying it.  When loss of elasticity happens around the upper eyelids, puffiness and textural unevenness usually come along with it. In four weeks, the RoC eye cream is said to be able to significantly reduce puffiness and fine lines. 

This RoC Retinol Correxion Line Smoothing Eye Cream won the 2020 Allure Beauty awards for being able to quicken the removal of old, dull skin cells on the surface and reveal a new layer of skin cells that gives us healthier-looking skin. That is the beauty of skin cell regeneration encapsulated in a bottle of eye cream. 

Again, if you’re using this product in the daytime, do remember to apply SPF30 so that you won’t develop sensitivities! Retinol will make your skin more sensitive to UV rays, and being exposed to sunlight decreases the efficacy of the product. 

If you’re worried about skin sensitivities, you can try using this product at night or only every other day to evaluate your skin’s sensitivity towards the product before using it daily. Otherwise, if you have used products with retinol before, be prepared to be blown away by RoC’s formula! 

11. Pyunkang Yul, Black Tea Time Reverse Eye Cream 


You may not have heard of Pyunkang Yul, but it is a really popular clean skincare line created by the Pyunkang Eastern Medicine Clinic in South Korea.  

The clinic uses only “clean” ingredients, which means that this scent-free eye cream is unlikely to cause skin sensitivities. This eye cream has gone through multiple tests by the Korea Dermatology Research institute and has been certified as zero-irritation. This means that it is suitable for all skin types, and you can be assured that no allergens were found in this product.  

Infused with shea butter, macadamia seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide, this anti-aging eye cream helps to reduce the fine lines around the eye by keeping the skin hydrated. It may be of a creamy texture, but it is not sticky to the touch, so you could still apply makeup on top of the eye cream.

Made with fermented black tea, which is more popularly known as kombucha to most of us, this eye cream helps to retain our skin’s radiance and, at the same time, carefully strengthen the skin around the eyes. The orbit around your eyes becomes more radiant and makes you look a lot more youthful. Say goodbye to crow’s feet! 

12. Pixi FortifEYE Toning Eye Patches 


If you have a little bit of time and want to indulge in a good self-care practice, why not try Pixi’s FortifEYE eye patches? It’s inexpensive, effective, and available at most pharmacies and beauty stores worldwide.

Through the use of botanical collagen, these hydrogel eye patches fortifEYE the skin around your eyes by lifting and toning them so that you appear more refreshed and youthful. When you are done with the patches, you do not have to rinse the leftover liquid off—you can just rub it in a circular motion to improve blood circulation and depuff your eye bags. The caffeine included in the liquid also helps to energize your skin. 

If you’re feeling a little more bougie, you can treat yourself to the different eye patches that Pixi offers—they also have DetoxiFYE, which is meant to treat puffy eye bags better. They are also a treat simply because they will feel so cool on your skin. It’s like you’ve upgraded from the good ol’ cucumber patches, you know? 

Pixi is a cruelty-free and paraben-free skin care brand, and that means you can save your peepers without harming the environment. For an eye patch, Pixi is priced well below the average and is a value-for-money option. A win-win situation for all of us. 

12. Dieux Skin Auracle Reviving Eye Gel 


Dieux uses renewable ingredients specifically formulated for the sensitive under-eye area, and is one of the newer anti-aging eye creams to look out for this year. It contains 10% glycerin and 1% biotechnology-derived algae, which helps with hydrating the orbit around your eyes and keeping it looking vibrant. They have also made sure that this formula is gel-like and has fewer chances of triggering milia seeds from forming. 

However, this eye cream does not help with hyperpigmentation or dark eye circles, so this wouldn’t be the eye cream you’re looking for if that is your core issue. If you do finish the first gel cream you buy, Dieux also offers a refill option so you can save on packaging and do your part for the environment. 

Dieux is very transparent with pricing, and you can tell how much of a markup you will be paying for this eye cream—very refreshing from an up-and-coming brand if we do say so ourselves!  

Whichever anti-aging eye cream you end up buying, do remember to do a patch test before applying it to the sensitive orbit around your eyes. The first eye cream that you purchase may not solve all your skin issues, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Happy skincare buying!  

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