Balanced Beauty

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Charles Newman, Jr. discusses his approach to treating cosmetic surgery patients.

When assessing their own beauty, Dr. Charles Newman, Jr. says some women have a hard time seeing beyond their perceived flaws.

“Patients sometimes say things like, ‘just fix it’ or ‘just make it go away,' requesting procedures they believe will miraculously eliminate their specific problem area.” Dr. Newman cautions, however, that “just fix it” procedures don’t always yield the results truly desired because the modification can throw off the balance of the patient’s overall appearance. “The nose pictured in the magazine may look great on a particular celebrity, but it won’t necessarily work aesthetically with your eyes, cheeks, jawline, etc. Our goal is to help patients claim whole beauty. It is not about erasing or replacing individual parts. Our aim is to help uncover, enhance and refine what is uniquely and authentically beautiful about you in a comprehensive and balanced way.”

Understanding the intricacies of an aesthetic balance is part of what sets Dr. Newman apart.

“There is subtlety required in all procedures, even when extreme results are sought,” says Dr. Newman. “Subtlety is what ensures that people notice you and not the work you have had done, which is ultimately what most patients desire.” To enhance and complement surgical results, and for patients seeking non-surgical alternatives, Newman Plastic Surgery offers a breadth of products and services including injectable treatments, peels, rejuvenating treatments, spa services and quality, results-driven skin care lines. The integration of technology backed by science is an important factor in formulating treatment plans. Dr. Newman is the first Plastic Surgeon in Central Florida to offer the Time Machine Procedure which maximizes the patient’s collagen potential while refining the appearance of their skin. This can be a stand-alone treatment or an adjunct to further enhance surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

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The other distinguishing aspect of Dr. Newman’s practice is authentic compassion. Going beyond basic respectful treatment, which should be expected at any doctor’s office, Dr. Newman and his staff strive to make their patients’ experience more personal. “We understand the deep vulnerability involved in showing a stranger your perceived flaws. It takes courage, and we want our patients to feel safe, empowered, and boldly confident about the self-improvement choices they make here.” The warm, inviting environment of the modern downtown office is enhanced by the equally warm staff that awaits you there, anchored by Dr. Newman’s physician assistant and wife, Dzi Newman, PA-C. “We have a high percentage of repeat patients,” says Dzi, “because of the extraordinary rapport and trust we cultivate with each person who walks through our door. We are here to help you achieve your best aesthetic potential and do so by not only intricately customizing every treatment plan but also caring enough to help patients realistically manage expectations.”

Dr. Newman is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and trained in all facets of his specialty. He stresses the importance of finding a qualified board-certified physician when selecting a surgeon. As a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), he strongly endorses the society’s public safety and education campaign, “Do Your Homework”. The program encourages patients to make informed decisions regarding cosmetic procedures and the qualifications of those performing them. Dr. Newman performs all surgical procedures in accredited out-patient surgical centers and hospitals, frequently with overnight stays and nursing supervision to ensure the highest possible level of care and patient support. “It can be preferable to perform multiple procedures at once,” says Dr. Newman “not only to consolidate healing but also to help ensure that all procedure results work in tandem to produce optimally balanced results.”

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