Attractions: Meet Your Match at The Escape Effect

Can you escape the longest escape room in Central Florida?

Courtesy The Escape Effect

It is Medieval times at Stonebury Castle England, and you are on the run from an angry king who just murdered his brother; you have two hours to reunite with your companions before being captured. Will you survive? At The Escape Effect, voted Central Florida’s best escape room, you can find out. This locally-owned entertainment venue is the only escape room in Florida to offer games longer than an hour. With extended game times come more intense mysteries and harder puzzles. The venue has recently reopened with elevated safety protocols, and games are always private to your party. Every game has an unlimited-hint option and customizable difficulty levels depending on the size and experience of your party. Each room is unique to The Escape Effect: guests can search Sherlock’s study to see if Lady Ricoletti is guilty of murder, or they can battle for immortality against Greek gods on Mount Olympus. The popular “Fright Before your Eyes” room is not for the faint of heart; guests need flashlights and spectre detectors, as the room is pitch black and filled with missing souls. Make your reservations at their website.

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