Ask The Vet! Why is my pet so itchy?

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Why is my pet so itchy?

Four main categories of allergies include: Environmental, Food, Flea and Contact. Flea prevention is important throughout the year to decrease the chances of a Flea Allergy. Food and environmental allergies can have similar clinical signs including paw licking, face rubbing, excessive scratching and recurrent ear and skin infections.

Your veterinarian will ask specific questions to figure out which one your pet could be experiencing but it can take months of patience to determine a diagnosis. Trauma to skin allows normal bacteria and yeast to proliferate causing skin infections. Antibiotics or antifungals are commonly required to treat your pet to eliminate infection.

There are different types of medications that can be used to help relieve the itch. Over the counter antihistamines have been found to be less than 20% effective in our patients. Your veterinarian can discuss more effective treatment options.

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