Are Fashion Trends Dead?



















I recently read a Wall St. Journal article announcing that fashion trends are dead.In the past, “street style” has been the “anti-trend” approach (though, those looks eventually go mainstream) with its countless riffs on apparel based on individual creativity. But, I argue that street style is becoming more predicable and fashion conscious. With so much visual chaos available to us through the internet and other media, there seems to be an inclination to merge what we see by making some collective decisions of what we think is cool. “Street” seems to be unifying despite differences in culture and geography. What do you think?
Here are some of my favorite “street style” blogs. Judge for yourself!
P.S. take a look at the picture above: I told you pants pegging was on the horizon. Wink, wink.

Global street style:

L.A. Street style:

Japanese street style: