Eco-Friendly Flower Option

Sola Wood flowers, also called balsa wood and tapioca wood, are small delicate wood flowers that are a popular trend in European floral arrangements—and the unique florals are making their way to the U.S., popping up bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and other wedding staples. Sola wood is a naturally occurring paper product derived from the tapioca plant. The interesting part is that it doesn’t feel like paper but more like a shell you’d find at the beach. Each Sola Wood flower is handmade, making it again appear as though it was carved out of a shell. These dainty wooden flowers not only provide an eco-friendly alternative to real flowers, they are beautiful and inspire a wide variety of design possibilities. Their versatility and user-friendly nature are some of the reasons why they’re adored by brides and florists alike. They can be paired with colorful fresh flowers, herbs, dried flowers, greenery and so much more. The wood is soft enough that these decorative flowers can also be strung together to make garlands, table number holders, napkin rings, adorn presents or many other creative uses. Best of all, they are very reasonably priced — you can get a pack of 18 flowers, measuring about 2 inches each, for $3.99 at

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Budget-Cutting Tips

Wedding budgets can quickly and easily spin out of control, especially if you don’t have a wedding planner who is well equipped with ideas and connections to help you create your dream wedding within your fixed budget, here are few cost-cutting ideas to help trim any excess or unnecessary spending:  

1. Order a smaller cake with an elegant design, then use less-costly sheet cakes for serving.

2. Decorate with greenery, like ferns and foliage, which is less expensive, and save the colorful blossoms for your bouquet and other important floral accents.

3. Opt for RSVP postcards and consider eliminating the liner and avoiding enclosure cards.

4. Hire friends and family to do the photography, videography, hair and makeup.

5. Look for discounts – use Groupon for specials on bridal party gifts, wedding day makeup/hair, etc.

6. Have a punch and cake reception, still making it special, but cutting out the high costs of full meals for all of your guests.

7. Select flowers that are in-season; out of season can mean a lot more money out of pocket.

8. Consider making up menus, seating cards, and place cards with your own computer and software programs with elegant templates.

9. Keep your bridal party small – it saves money on flowers and gifts for each person.

10. Set guest-list boundaries – consider excluding children, co-workers, distant relatives you haven’t seen or spoken to in ages.

11. Think about borrowing accessories like jewelry, hairpieces, shoes, toasting flutes and more from already married friends, or buying them at respectable bridal or vintage resale stores.

12. If your budget includes honeymoon costs, consider taking a belated trip up to 6 months after the wedding, which gives you time to save up some additional funds.

13. Most importantly, spend your money on the items that are most important to you, and either cut out or create cost-effective alternatives for things that matter the least.