All Eyes on You

Treat yourself to a little R&R in preparation for your big day.

For your wedding, you’ll want to look and feel your best, so take advantage of this opportunity for some ultimate pampering. Here are a few beauty tips to prepare you for your moment in the spotlight. 

Book a Massage 

Many couples wait until their honeymoon to get a massage, but with all the anticipation, you may need a little peace and tranquility. 

All of the healing therapies at the Mandara Spa at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort are rooted in Balinese tradition. And starting off the new year, Mandara has a new treatment menu tailored for brides-to-be. “We are here to make you feel special and beautiful,” says Cristina Sorondo, Mandara’s marketing director. 

One of the new spa experiences is a “Balinese Love Story,” which includes a couple’s Fire & Ice massage, plus a massage-teaching session. For pre-wedding relaxation, Sorondo recommends the gentle Mandara Customized Massage based on Swedish techniques. It includes a fragrant frangipani treatment for the scalp and a warm paraffin foot bath. 

Mandara’s Customized Massage starts at $135 for 50 minutes, and add-on treatments such as hot stone therapy and body polishes are available for an additional charge. The spa also offers four “Journeys of the Spirit” packages, which include massage, facial and body treatments, and a bathing ritual, beginning at $370 for almost 3 hours of total bliss.

Mandara Spa’s hydrotherapy room is used for the soothing Journeys of the Spirit bathing ritual (JON WHITTLE PHOTOGRAPHY)

Host a Mani/Pedi Party

An afternoon at the day spa is a fun way to connect with your girlfriends. Marilyn Monroe Spas at both the Mills Avenue and Winter Park locations offer bridal packages that include wine, coffee and tea, and brides can also bring their own snacks and Champagne for a celebratory atmosphere. 

“We specialize in designs, nail art and fun elements like glitter,” says Liz Maldonado, a spokesperson for Marilyn Monroe Spas. “Brides typically go natural or French, while bridesmaids are more bold with color. Rose-gold glitter on the ring finger is a popular trend right now for brides.” 

Maldonado also recommends the OPI Gel treatment, which dries quickly to prevent smearing, plus it lasts days longer than a traditional manicure. Gel nails start at $38, with glitter polish included. Additional nail art starts at $3 per nail. Mani/pedi packages start at $55.

Get a Facial

On your big day, you’ll want to be positively glowing. For that radiant look, a facial treatment can be ideal. 

Derek Hoffman, spa director at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World, recommends the Anti-Gravity Facial, which tones, lifts, firms and aids tired muscles in your face and neck. “Like ‘facial fitness,’ the musculature of your face is revitalized to yield a firmer, more contoured and youthful appearance,” he explains. “If you are accustomed to receiving semi-regular facials, then a day or two prior to the big day is optimal for you to schedule your treatment so your complexion has time to re-balance, and you still have the clean, radiant look.”

Hoffman also recommends a full body scrub to even skin tone and bring new, soft cells to the surface, but he warns against getting waxing services too close to the wedding day, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

The Anti-Gravity Facial at the Four Seasons is $295, and the 80-minute treatment grants you access to the five acres of pools and the lazy river at the five-diamond property.

Brighten Your Smile

Every bride (and groom) wants a beautiful smile for their wedding photo album. Teeth-whitening is an easy way to brighten your smile, but with so many products on the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. Over-the-counter products are inexpensive but take longer to get results, while Zoom whitening costs about $500 but gives instant gratification. 

Lori Anne Dennison of Heather Childers dentistry in Dr. Phillips says, “First ask yourself, when was your last dental cleaning? Enamel is the first layer and holds a lot of stain—from coffee, tea and wine. A good cleaning will remove those stains first.”

The second layer, dentin, creates the color that shines through, so once the enamel is clean, you’ll need a whitening product that penetrates both layers, she explains, and professional strips from a dentist office are an effective way to get results.

Professional teeth cleanings range from $80-$100, but many dental insurance policies cover the cost, while cosmetic services like Zoom are not covered. Custom bleaching trays from your dentist can cost up to $500 with refill kits for $40, while professional strips will likely cost less than $100. 

Get polished from hand to toe at Marilyn Monroe Spas. (ABRAN RUBINER)

Get a Spray Tan

The days of tanning beds have been replaced with environmentally friendly spray tans, which can even out your skin tone, cover up scars and stretch marks, and leave you with an overall healthy glow. While there are numerous facilities in Orlando, an easy way to book an appointment during your busy wedding week is through a mobile tanning service. Lisa Sanders with Southern Tan Mobile Tanning is available to set up at the bride’s home or in a hotel room. 

“I look at a person’s skin tone and recommend a trial before an event like a bachelorette party,” says Sanders. “For weddings, I like to do [the spray tanning] 48 hours before.” 

Spray tans last 7-10 days, which is especially beneficial if you’re planning to wear that bikini on your honeymoon. Sanders advises brides to avoid over-the-counter tanning lotions, which can produce a streaky or orange look. Southern Tan’s prices range from $25 for downtown Orlando locations to $50 in the Disney resort area. 407-906-8266. 

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