A Holistic, Molecular Approach to Anti-Aging and Longevity

By Joseph Snyder

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Since we first became aware of our mortality, humans have relentlessly pursued all avenues possible to push its limits. But life is delicate, and we only get one shot at it, so whatever path we take, we have to trust the tools in our arsenal to ensure the best possible outcome.  Thankfully, one scientist in particular is leading the charge in America to give you the tools you need.  And that is New Zealand-based anti-aging guru, and pharmaceutical scientist, Dr. Greg Macpherson and his team at SRW Labs (Science Research Wellness) – which has recently launched its full-line of products in the United States.

Dr. Macpherson has made waves in the health and wellness industry since the early days of his career.  One of his primary projects was the founding and directing of Pharmacy Direct.  Shortly thereafter, he assumed the role of CEO at MitoQ Ltd. – a company that focuses on personal health and wellness using a molecular approach. From there, he went on to write the highly-praised book, “The Nine Hallmarks of Aging”, which is used as a benchmark for anti-aging efforts around the world.

In his book, Macpherson explains these nine hallmarks, and explores the processes and factors that contribute to the damaging of cells throughout the journey of life.  He discusses how those damaged cells are repaired, and also how your DNA plays a crucial role in it all.  Furthermore, the book shares some best practices to help you protect your DNA from the damaging disruptors that cause aging, such as ultraviolet rays from sun, air pollution and smoking. What is more, he describes how to repair DNA during specific decades of your life with cellular supporting nutrients.

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But for Dr. Macpherson, writing a book just wasn’t enough.  He knew that in order for people to truly understand his work and ultimately benefit from his Nine Hallmarks, he had to give people the proper tools to do so.  So he founded SRW Labs – a health and wellness superstar brand that focuses on an holistic, molecular approach to anti-aging, longevity, and peak performance.

The science behind SRW is cutting-edge, and entails a unique molecular approach to anti-aging that many of us in the Americas haven’t had the chance to try yet.  However, since SRW Labs launched their products in the US in late- 2022, customers such as high-profile celebrities, high-performance athletes, and behemoth CEOs can’t seem to get enough.  Not only do the SRW Labs products assist with anti-aging efforts, they’ve taken their science and expanded it to develop products that promote optimal molecular processes for the whole body – including optimizing the circulatory and respiratory systems, an unbeatable immune support supplement, and superb skeletal and muscular support supplements, to name a few.

What we have developed is not a one size fits all solution,” says Macpherson. “Your cells need different levels of support as you age. Most young people won’t need support with autophagy for example, whereas the right time to support your DNA really depends on your lifestyle. There are tools we are developing to help people understand how old their cells are acting, and in turn decide how much support they can use.” And develop those tools they did.  They released the DNAage Test that will tell you your exact biological age, and help you determine how quickly (or slowly) your cells are aging so that you can access the perfect solution that fits your specific needs.

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Since its launch in the United States, SRW Labs has stayed true to its mission.  Their full line of products are taking the American market by storm, and effectively combat mortality with their patented, three-pronged approach:

  • Cel¹ Stability – supports healthy DNA structure and function, including telomere health. This is designed to protect your cells from the damaging environmental or lifestyle factors that increase cellular stress like insufficient sleep, stressful work environment, lack of exercise, and exposure to pollution or UV.
  • Cel² Nourishment – supports healthy energy levels and normal cellular repair processes. The perfect solution for people who endure rigorous and demanding lifestyles and helps minimize recovery times from intense workouts.
  • Cel³ Renewal – supports the maintenance of normal protein structures, nutrient response and cellular housekeeping processes known as ‘autophagy’. Autophagy is the process of removing and recycling expired cells and their components, which helps with longevity, weight loss, and is known to aid in the fight against certain chronic illnesses.

Coupled with Macpherson’s years of expertise, SRW leverages the knowledge and work of a global team of world leading scientists. One scientist in particular is Dr Naji Abumrad who is the co-inventor of HMB (Hydroxy-β-methyl-butyrate), a nutraceutical that supports healthy muscle mass and optimal muscle function, both of which can deteriorate with age.  Dr. Abumrad has teamed up with the founders of Hobamine™, directing their focus on the health benefits they bring in relation to aging.  Because of his work, SRW Labs released the 2-HOBA supplement, a compound extracted from Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat that contributes to the protection of your DNA from free radical damage while optimizing the health of your cells. Dr Naji Abumrad’s work was also pivotal in the development of Cel¹.

As SRW Labs continued to expand with these trail-blazing developments under their belt, they began tackling all facets of the human body that deteriorate with age. Skl1-Mobility supports the maintenance and functionality of your cartilage and ligaments, allowing them to perform at optimal levels.  This is the perfect option for those who are looking to supplement their exercise regimen, as it reduces the chances of injury, maintains normal joint mobility and ligament flexibility, and supports the body’s natural healing and recovery processes.

Msc1-Tone is also another great supplement to an active lifestyle.  It contains a proprietary blend of key metabolites such as HMB, OKG, and BHB to help you maintain and build functional muscle mass, tone your muscles, build strength and microtissue stability, and to help maintain pliable muscle tissue between workouts.  It also provides a source of exogenous ketones to help your body burn fat for energy, instead of burning those pesky carbs.

For more insight into the SRW Labs products, and the research that led to this revitalizing approach toward anti-aging and longevity, check out the SRW Labs website.  And be sure to enter promo code ORLANDOMAG at checkout to get 10% OFF your first SRW Labs order!  Are you ready for a life of sustainability and bonafide longevity?

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