A Farewell to ‘Marinade’ Dave

 Dear Readers:
    “Marinade” Dave has been blogging on this site for 10 weeks while on special assignment to cover the Casey Anthony trial for Orlando magazine. From jury selection to opening arguments to the reading of the verdicts he offered unique perspectives about the case.
    On Monday, Dave will post his final blog here, sharing some thoughts and observations about the 3-year-old saga that culminated with Casey being acquitted in the death of her daughter..
    When I hired Dave to blog about the trial, I told him he would be paid for up to four blogs per week. Therefore, I did not expect him to attend every day of the proceedings, which ran six days a week for nearly eight weeks..
    Dave missed two days, both due to exhaustion..
    His days began at 8 and ended at midnight, sometimes later. Every time I told him to take a day off from the trial he always replied with “I don’t want Orlando magazine to lose its seat,” a reference to the requirement that credentialed media could forfeit seats they failed to occupy daily. Other media outlets rotated staffers, but we didn’t have the luxury of spare bodies to relieve Dave..
    If not for Dave, I don’t think Orlando magazine would have had a presence in this trial, the biggest news event to come out of Orlando since, well, Caylee was reported missing in 2008..
    Soon “Marinade” Dave will return to his blog site at marinadedave.com, where many of you first encountered him. When the trial ended, Dave told me he was washing his hands of Casey Anthony. A blog or two more about her and he would look for something else to write about..
    But I am not so sure. Casey will be free in a matter of days, and from that moment on her life will unfold in plain sight of the public. Casey’s second act could be tough for Dave to pass up. I’m just saying. . ..
    Whatever direction he decides to go in, I wish him well.

Mike Boslet,