A Bit of Advice

Every newlywed couple could use some wisdom on how to tackle life as a twosome. Here are some highly recognized and recommended readings on marital advice.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

By Mark Gungor

Laughter is the best medicine for anything that ails you. This author’s humoristic tone makes understanding the differences between men and women fun and his marriage advice easy to remember. Couples will discover that the key to marital bliss isn’t all romance; it’s skill and work.




5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great

By Terri Orbuch, Ph.D.

Orbuch unveils real-life findings from 22 years of researching 373 couples. It’s boiled down into an accessible and easy-to-follow roadmap of how to stay connected with your partner. Most importantly, the author defines the five key strategies for navigating through and surviving the daily minefields of marriage.



How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

By Patricia Love, Ed.D. and Steven Stosny, Ph.D.

The psychotherapists who co-authored this book explain that too much communication can leave a couple disappointed, disconnected and resentful. Instead, understand each other’s core vulnerabilities, manage them and you’ll have a compassionate connection without ever saying a word.




Married to Distraction

By Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and Sue George Hallowell, LICSW

Focusing on work, e-mails and other everyday mindless details can leave a husband and wife distracted, disconnected and distant. Learn how to take a step back to give 30 minutes a day of uninterrupted attention to your marriage. The natural sequence of sustaining love comes from time, attention, connection and play.




The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage

By Dr. Laura Schlessinger

The core philosophy of this book focuses on the meaning of femininity and masculinity. By understanding these, couples can begin to admire the unique qualities of the opposite sex. And through acceptance of the differences between men and women (masculine vs. feminine) a life-long bond and loving relationship will emerge. n

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