8 Metallic Accents to Make Your White Room Shine

Selecting metal finishes can add loads of character to your room.

Selecting metal finishes may seem like a very small part of your design plan, but they can add loads of character to your room. This is especially true when it comes to white rooms because it can be hard to create a mood in a space that doesn’t have a chromatic wall color. In white spaces, details and finishes are extremely important, because those small elements help to create the overall look, feel and style of a room. Just as there are many types of white paint colors, there is also a variety of metals to consider. If you haven’t paid much attention to metals before, or if you’ve just shrugged them off as being insignificant, here are some great examples of why they are an integral part of a room’s decor.

Gold. Golden finishes are enjoying a comeback. It wasn’t long ago that this metal was considered gaudy or over-the-top. But today gold fixtures and accessories are considered modern and glamorous. They are perfect for creating a classy and chic space. For an extra-glam look, pair your gold details with a wall color that’s clear white or white with orange undertones. Related: How to Mix Metal Finish in the Kitchen

Hand-rubbed antique brass. To establish a traditional look, try hand-rubbed antique brass fixtures. This finish is not one of the more popular choices among homeowners, so using it will give your room a unique vibe. The antique brass seen here also has an amazing texture that adds a wow factor.

Susan Glick Interiors, original photo on Houzz
Polished Silver, Susan Glick Interiors,
original photo on Houzz

Oil-rubbed bronze. I love how this dark metal finish looks in white spaces. The contrast is eye-catching, and the look is casual and elegant at the same time. Oil-rubbed bronze is never fussy. In fact, it has a very durable, old-world appearance, which is perfect for hardworking spaces such as a bathroom or laundry room.

Polished silver. The sparkle and shine of polished silver make it stand out. This finish was made to be showy, and it can upstage other design elements in a room. Its reflective qualities can even visually expand your space, similar to a mirror’s effect. Silver accents can also make a white space feel brighter, because light will bounce off the surfaces.

Rose Gold, Gardner Custom Homes, original photo on Houzz

Rose gold. This coppery finish is my favorite metal right now. I think rose gold is a great choice for white rooms, because it exudes so much warmth and has a commanding presence. Its peachy-bronze tone is so different, and you can use it with any style, from ultramodern to super formal. It’s a foolproof metal finish that I think we’re going to be seeing more of in the future.

A silver mix. One of the best ways to use metals in a white space is by combining similar tones in different finishes. This creates interest without compromising harmony. In this office, satin chrome pulls are featured on the cabinets, and each desk chair has a reflective silver base. There is also a lamp with a pewter finish. This fanciful mix of silvery metals is not only chic, but it’s a great way to add a bit of subtle creativity.

Galvanized Metal, Lynda Sylvester Designs, original photo on Houzz

Galvanized metal. For a chic industrial look, galvanized metal is the way to go. Typically, sheets of corrugated metal are galvanized, and they’re a great option for a focal wall in a white space. The pattern and texture of the metal create a very rugged and commercial feel. This style is very casual, so it works well in a family room or rec room.

Chrome. Satin chrome is probably the most popular metal finish among homeowners these days. It’s modern, and it looks great with any shade of white paint. Most people think of using satin chrome only for cabinet pulls, lighting fixtures and faucets. But a stairway banister is also a great place for this finish. For a stylish contemporary look, combine satin chrome with hardwood flooring in a light stain.

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