7 Essential Board Games To Keep You Entertained

Lively board and card games to play while you’re housebound.
The Settlers Of Catan

Settlers of Catan (ADOBE STOCK/DARRY LUM)

Settlers of Catan (2-4 players) As a new colonist on the island of Catan, your task is to expand your settlements to gain more resources. Winning this game takes both luck and strategy. If you want more excitement, you can find multiple expansions to the base game like Seafarers and Cities & Knights.

Betrayal at House on the Hill (3-6 players) This mystery game has you exploring an old mansion. Each room has a hidden mechanic that will align with hundreds of different scenarios the game offers. You might be trying to kill a vampire or escape from sacrificial ritual. You’ll never know until you go into the next room.

Pandemic (2-4 players) That this game is timely (and a bit unsettling) is an understatement. But if you’re game, here’s the premise: The world is in crisis and you and your friends need to stop the next pandemic. It’s a cooperative game where each player has a role to play either as a first responder, a medic, etc. The health of the world rests in your hands.

Ticket to Ride (2-4 players) Go on a new train adventure. Build new roads to connect the country (or countries, depending on the expansion) and get points for completing destination objectives.

Azul (2-4 players) Inspired with old world tiling and decor, Azul will have you acquiring tiles to make a pattern. You get points for making rows and having tiles of every color. It’s a seemingly simple game that is a challenge to master.

Dominion (2-6 players, when using additional base cards) You are left with the keys to the kingdom. This deck-building game will have you buying land and properties to expand your dominion over other countries. Extremely customizable and with several expansions, this game will never play the same. It also has an app that will put games together to make new combinations.

Cards Against Humanity (3-20+ players) The unofficial adult party game. This game will have you laughing till your sides hurt. Each player gets 7 white “answer’’ cards, then one person reads a black prompt, or “question,’’ card. The players then respond with a card they think the questioner will pick as their favorite as the winner. Racy and not for the faint of heart.

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