6 Disney-Worthy Bedrooms

These six themed bedrooms will make you want to be a kid again.

Do you have a tiny princess in your midst? A pint-size pirate-to-be? Many children become enamored with their favorite animated movies and not only do they watch them over and over, but they want to live in those worlds. These bedrooms—with elaborate decor that calls to mind favorite animated movies and fairy tales—give children another vehicle into that world of imagination. Over-the-top fantasy bedrooms like these aren’t for everyone, but you may find details you’d like to borrow for your little princess’ or adventurer’s room.

The Lion King. In this bedroom, camp has been set up in a setting that recalls the enchanted Africa of Simba, the Lion King. The murals, curtains, travel-chest-like furniture and bedding all contribute to the savanna effect. An extra-tender touch lies in the soft toys on the bed.

Wonder feature: The curtains in the four corners of the room enhance the feeling of sleeping in a tent in the African savanna.

Hansen Architects, P.C., original photo on Houzz

Cinderella. The owner of this gilded carriage must enjoy her enchanted sleep in it. With the coach bed and other fantasy decor, this bedroom would be a dream come true for a girl who loves to play princess.

Wonder feature: A detailed path leads to the bed.

Trade Mart Interiors, original photo on Houzz

Peter Pan. Neverland, here we go! This bedroom takes the child onboard a pirate ship like that of Captain Hook. Besides the bedroom’s superb custom mural, the deep blue ceiling reminds us of the ocean and of the sky, while the chest at the end of the bed seems to hold great treasures.

Wonder feature: The map leads the child to an imaginary buried treasure.

Jamie Gibbs, ASID, IFDA, WCAA, original photo on Houzz

Beauty and the Beast. This princess-style bedroom evokes the one Belle uses while she’s held prisoner in the Beast’s castle. The elevated bed, with its thick and silky quilt and curtained canopy, invites you to throw yourself on it, even if Mrs. Potts might not approve.

Wonder feature: The canopy bed would make a little girl feel like a real princess.

SoCal Contractor, original photo on Houzz

Aladdin. This flying-carpet-style canopy bed could transport its occupant on a ride through the 1,001 nights of Aladdin and his beautiful Jasmine. You can recreate this atmosphere for your child with an Oriental carpet, leather cushions and a few lanterns. As for the bed, you need only place a thick canopy over it as a flying carpet.

Wonder feature: The bed is as magnificent as something you might find in the palace of Agrabah.

Lohss Construction, original photo on Houzz

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This wood-clad bedroom resembles the pretty house of the seven dwarfs, where Snow White finds refuge. It’s easy to imagine the joy of the children lucky enough to bunk here. Sleeping in this room could feel just like taking a nap at the tip of a tree or embarking on an epic nocturnal tale.

Wonder feature: The ladder for the bunk beds is made of tree branches.

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