6 Design Ideas for a Festive, Sun-Drenched White Christmas

With these design tips, bring the white Christmas inside this year.

Do you dream of having a white Christmas but live in a climate that’s too warm for snow? There’s no reason you can’t embrace your own style. The traditional red and green combination can look out of place when it’s hot outside. But by using fresh white pieces, keeping decorations to a minimum and sticking with a limited color palette, you can cool things down for a fresh and chic white Christmas.

Use Lots of White

There is nothing like an abundance of cool, crisp whites to help bring the temperature down, and this principle can apply to your Christmas decorating, too. It is best to include as much white as possible for a warm-weather white-Christmas theme. Use white objects with varying textures to maintain interest and avoid monotony. White wood, fabric, marble, clay ornaments and candles all have surfaces that help break up the repetition of white. A crisp white tablecloth is the perfect base for this Christmas table setting. White napkins, vases, flowers and dishware all work beautifully together here, and the varying textures provide points of difference between the many white pieces. The rustic burlap table runner adds some softness to the table and just a touch of warmth, saving the scene from feeling sterile.

Restrict Your Color Palette

Limit your color palette to white and natural tones, with accents of silver and glass. Focusing on neutral tones doesn’t have to be boring — as long as you include a variety of shapes and textures, the look will always be interesting. A good mix of textures will add depth and fullness to your Christmas decor.

For this simple, minimalist style, a variety of textures can mean the difference between a stylish, cool interior and one that is boring and without feeling.

Photo Credit: The Happy Home Blog, original photo on Houzz

These glasses and jars have been adorned with silver glitter and suit the white tablecloth elegantly, setting the scene for a crisp, white holiday celebration. Accents of silver work well because they add an icy look, which makes us feel cooler even when the weather is warm. Crystal glasses and goblets would create a similar effect. Despite the lack of color in this scene, the table is cheery and obviously set for a celebration.

Photo Credit: The Happy Home Blog, original photo on Houzz

Keep Things Minimalist

The less-is-more approach is definitely fitting for this style of Christmas decorating. This room proves that Christmas styling can be muted and restricted while maintaining that festive feel. The wreath on the wall is made from vintage book pages and looks gorgeous against this clean, white wall.

Try to limit the amount of ornaments on your tree, and if you want to include red in your minimalist style, make sure it is a muted tone, so as not to clash with any neutral shades.

Be selective when choosing your decorations and only include pieces that are simple and fit the brief. Achieving a minimalist style is often perceived as the easy option, but because you are including fewer objects, it will be more obvious if something doesn’t suit the theme. If a single item is out of place, it is likely that the whole room will look and feel disrupted, so choose carefully and if you’re not sure, pack it away.

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Focus on Christmas Shapes

There is minimal color in this style of Christmas decorating, so bring in the holiday cheer with shapes that represent Christmas. Stars, trees, reindeer and angel shapes all give an impression of Christmas, even in neutral tones.

We get a sense that the natural-colored reindeer and handmade stick star are Christmas themed, even without the traditional red and green combination. The white lights add a coolness to the scene and make us think of a celebration, despite the lack of color.

Photo Credit: RedAgape Blog, original photo on Houzz

Match Your Wrapping 

Those who like things neat will probably prefer Christmas wrapping that ties in with their theme. For this cool, white Christmas theme, use plain white paper and embellish gifts with objects in colors that match the palette. You can include items like sticks and rosemary from the garden, which will not only save you money but will help save the earth. These gifts have been tied up with natural jute string and embellished with white clay tags.

Include Objects From Nature

Use sticks, wood, rocks and other found objects in your Christmas decorating, and you will create a down-to-earth atmosphere that helps guests feel relaxed and calm. Finding objects from your own backyard will add a distinctly homey feel to your celebration.

Photo Credit: RedAgape Blog, original photo on Houzz

A Christmas tree made from sticks is the perfect alternative to a store-bought fake green tree. It is not only a more environmentally ethical way of decorating, but the handmade imperfections simply add to its charm. A natural pine would have worked beautifully in this setting as well. Most objects we find in nature will blend with this white-Christmas theme, because their colors and textures bring a sense of peace that we often find in natural settings.

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