6 Best Contractor SEO Agencies

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Are you a contractor that knows how to optimize your website for search engines? Maybe you know how to create good copy with relevant keywords, but knowing which keywords are the most valuable and how to do keyword research is way over your head. Perhaps you even know how to add metadata, but when it comes to finding and fixing broken links, you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you don’t have a clue what Search Engine Optimization really means but realize it’s very important for business success.

Optimizing a website for search engine rankings requires laser-focused attention to the smallest of details. For many contractors, hiring a marketing agency can seem just as tedious as the SEO itself. You don’t want just anyone handling your website. You need someone with the technical know-how to provide a custom contractor SEO strategy to improve its appearance and functionality without compromising its quality or rankings. This is why researching contractor SEO services is the most important part of your SEO efforts.

To help with your research, we put together a detailed guide highlighting the six best contractor SEO agencies.


Top 6 Best Contractor SEO Agencies

  1. Best Overall SEO Contractor Agency: Internet Marketing GEEKS
  2. Coolest Tools and Technology: The SEO Contractor
  3. Best Quality Reviews: Blue Corona
  4. Best Promises: Web FX
  5. Most Experience SEO Contractor Agency: Straight North
  6. Budget-Friendly SEO Contractor Agency: One Click SEO


We considered several factors when searching for the best contractor SEO company. We prioritized experience, cost, promised results, reviews and tools and technology.


1. Best Overall Contractor SEO Agency: Internet Marketing GEEKS




  • Strategy, development and SEO services
  • Promises 99.9% uptime
  • Free discovery consultation
  • Provides user tool training




  • No pricing on website




Internet Marketing GEEKS provides a full suite of online marketing services, including strategy, development and SEO. They help contractors prioritize their online marketing efforts by using holistic, customized approaches. The agency’s website makes it very simple to understand what they offer.


No matter the size of your contracting business, Internet Marketing GEEKS can improve your online visibility. The agency has years of experience working with contractors in the wholesale, retail, service and e-commerce industries. Using today’s latest SEO strategies, the Internet Marketing GEEKS team helps contractors maintain a competitive advantage in a booming market.


The marketing agency doesn’t provide pricing information on its website but does offer free discovery consultations. Contractors should always partake in a discovery consultation, either over the phone, via video or a content briefing, when starting the contractor SEO process and hiring an SEO agency. It’s during the discovery consultation that both the contractor and the agency can get a feel for whether they are comfortable working together.


The Internet Marketing GEEKS team can help your contractor website improve its:


  • Content relevance and quality
  • Domain authority
  • Security
  • Page speed
  • Local relevance
  • User experience
  • Linking quality
  • Social signals



Reviews published on the agency’s site highlight its ability to help contractors grow their businesses. One review showcases how it helped a wholesale client increase sales by 83% from one quarter to the next. Other reviews detail the agency’s ability to help contractors increase click-through rates and secure high rankings on search engines.


The hosting package offered on the company’s site promises to keep your site up and running 99.9% of the time. Even if you want a more hands-on approach, the company can help you strategize a marketing plan that you can implement yourself.


Internet Marketing GEEKS will even teach clients how to utilize tools like Google Search Console, SEMRush, Lighthouse and Google Analytics to keep their websites optimized for search engines.


2. Coolest Tools and Technology: The SEO Contractor SEMrush Partner





  • Free project quotes
  • Access SEMrush software




  • No pricing on website




The SEO Contractor is a marketing agency that specializes in SEO for contractors. This agency works with local businesses, agency partners, nationwide brands and more with budgets ranging from $1,000 to $2,500.


There’s no need to sign a contract when working with The SEO Contractor, and the agency offers free project quotes. The company promises to “provide your business with realistic action plans, responsive account managers, industry expertise, transparency and honest reporting.”


If you hire The SEO Contractor, you’ll receive help with:


  • Website development
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Local service ads
  • Social media ads
  • Email campaigns
  • Call, lead and sales coaching


We chose this company as the best SEO company for its tools and technology because it’s a SEMrush partner. SEMrush is a type of software specially designed for SEO purposes. It helps contractors identify industry-specific search trends that improve overall page ranking on search engines. 


SEMrush tools pull data from your site and the sites of your competitors to help you compare your site against theirs. The software automatically suggests tips that you can follow to help improve your site’s rankings.


Hiring a SEMrush partner to handle your SEO means you’ll have access to at least one SEMrush toolkit. At a minimum, you’ll receive a technical SEO audit, an analysis of your backlinks and various tracking features.


If you need a detailed understanding of your site’s performance against your competitors’, hiring a SEMrush partner like The SEO Contractor is a wise investment. This option allows you to confidently hand over your SEO campaign to professionals with advanced tools and technology.


3. Best Quality Reviews: Blue Corona





  • Award-winning
  • Strong word-of-mouth referrals
  • Long-lasting client relationships




  • No pricing on website




Blue Corona offers inbound marketing services, including various forms of website optimization and analytics. The company specializes in helping contractors maximize the ROI of their marketing budgets. This award-winning company was founded by a mechanical engineer and a marketing guru.


If you hire Blue Corona for SEO, you’ll receive help with:


  • Digital competitive analyses
  • Web development services
  • SEO, including local SEO
  • Local advertising
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Remarketing advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Lead recovery
  • Website chat



Blue Corona landed on our list of the best contractor SEO agencies because of the reviews it has on Google. As every contractor knows, word-of-mouth reviews and referrals impact your company’s success more than anything else. The same applies to online reviews. This is why part of your SEO strategy should concentrate on growing the number of positive reviews you have on Google and other search engines.


The Blue Corona marketing team has 90 reviews on Google, with an average star rating of 4.9. That’s an almost perfect star score! Review after review highlights Blue Corona’s ability to provide measurable results. Many of them showcase how the agency helps startups as well as established brands that already have strong presences on the internet.


Blue Corona’s reviews also shine a spotlight on the agency’s long-lasting relationships with clients. One review discusses how the client has obtained marketing services through Blue Corona for over 10 years and for four different companies. With these kinds of reviews, you can’t help but believe in the agency’s ability to produce strong ROIs for their clients.


4. Best Promises: Web FX





  • CRM and SEO integration
  • $5 billion in sales for clients
  • Promises a 20% ROI increase




  • No pricing on website




Web FX is a digital marketing agency that specializes in CRM integrations and SEO to help clients attract the most leads possible. The company claims to have generated almost eight million leads and over five million phone calls for its clients. 


If you partner with Web FX to handle your SEO, you’ll receive help with:


  • Local SEO
  • Google local ads
  • SEO audits
  • Page speed optimization


 Web FX secured our “best promises” spot on the list by promising to help clients achieve a 20% greater ROI. Any time a marketing company promises results, it’s usually wise to continue your search. However, we found the promise highly achievable due to the extensiveness of Web FX’s 1,020 testimonials and lead generation claims.


We also have faith in this firm’s ability to deliver on its promise because it has reportedly helped its customers bring in over $5 billion in sales. The company doesn’t have any pricing on its website, but it does offer free custom proposals.


Web FX uses data-driven marketing tactics to help each client. The company built MarketingCloudFX, which is software that maximizes data insights to help customers build websites that produce leads. When contractors hire Web FX for SEO, they get access to 500+ industry-certified professionals who can automate online campaign efforts.


5. Most Experience SEO Contractor Agency: Straight North





  • 25+ years experience
  • Free SEO audit
  • First month free SEO





  • No pricing packages




Straight North has over 25 years of B2C and B2B SEO experience. The firm’s talent and transparency, combined with enhanced levels of professionalism, set the leadership standard in the SEO sector. Providing successful SEO services for over two decades, this award-winning agency has over 100 team members.


If you hire Straight North for SEO, you’ll receive help with:


  • Link acquisition
  • Copywriting
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Local, nationwide and global SEO
  • Free SEO audit
  • SEO consulting
  • Google penalty recovery services


 Straight North promises to help contractors increase revenue by using local search query strategies to reach leads who are most likely to convert into paying customers. It also aims to help contractors improve their online credibility to grow website traffic and increase search rankings.


Finding a company with years of SEO experience is vital to making a wise marketing investment. All SEO professionals understand that the SEO process is organic and not straightforward. A contractor’s SEO score and website will change over time as the business and search engine algorithms change. The only way to stay current and ahead of changes that hurt a site’s SEO score is to partner with an experienced SEO marketing team.


The Straight North’s SEO experience began back in 1997, when Kevin Duffy, the company’s chief creative officer, founded a graphic design agency, Duffy Design Works. Fast forward 11 years to 2008, and you’ll find Duffy co-founding Straight North with marketing expert David Duerr. When Duerr and Duffy combined their talents into Straight North, they established a full-service agency that specializes in web development and internet marketing.


6. Budget-Friendly SEO Contractor Agency: One Click SEO





  • Variety of SEO packages
  • Onsite pricing




  • Can’t purchase SEO without prior consultation




You’ll have to search far and wide to find digital marketing agencies that accommodate small budgets, but it is possible. According to ahrefs, a leading digital marketing agency, the average company pays between $500 and $1,500 a month for SEO services. The average hourly rate for SEO services is $75 to $100 an hour. Fortunately, we found One Click SEO, a digital marketing agency that offers an assortment of pricing options for SEO.


If you partner with One Click SEO, you’ll receive help with:


  • Local and nationwide SEO
  • Building backlinks
  • PPC ads
  • Technical SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Google Ads


 We chose One Click SEO as a top SEO company for contractors because of its availability of SEO packages at different price points. Whether you’re a solopreneur just starting a contracting company or an established enterprise with thousands of employees, One Click SEO has SEO packages to meet your budget.


The Schema Package, at $300 plus $100 per page, provides page testing, research on business tag options and the implementation of advanced on-page schema. At $500 for the On Page SEO Package, you’ll receive a full site audit, internal and external linking and a rework of your URL silo structure.


If those packages are too expensive for your budget, One Click SEO has you covered. For only $500 a month, you can receive two 1,000-word blog posts with free publishing, internal and external linking, social media sharing, on–page SEO and page index submission.


Another budget-friendly SEO company that we found for contractors is the Whitneycann marketing team. For only $1,450 a month, you can receive 30 long-form SEO blog posts, 30 social media updates and two 2,500-word ebooks. The Whitneycann team has a long list of prior clients and more than 13 years of SEO experience.




At the heart of SEO is a good user experience, making it the most important part of any online content marketing strategy. Many contracting companies hire SEO agencies to expand their online presence and generate new clients. But the truth is, contracting companies with long client lists can benefit just as much from SEO. 


When contactors prioritize SEO, they end up with websites that rank well in search results, load quickly from page to page, are simple to navigate, and easy to update and maintain. We hope you found our guide helpful in choosing your next contractor SEO agency.




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