5 Best Credit Repair Companies To Repair Your Credit Score In 2022

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If you suffer from a bad credit score or have any past mistakes that affected your credit score, hiring a credit repair company to fix it can be a smart decision. Many organisations help repair credit history and credit scores, but finding a reliable and trustworthy one can be hard.

Fixing your credit profile can be almost impossible to do on your own. Therefore, the best credit repair companies listed below all work on your credit report, with the three big credit bureaus, to dispute any items that negatively affect your credit score.

We reviewed some of the best credit repair companies of 2022, which are available on the market to help people with their credit repair needs. We analysed multiple factors to come with the list, including credit repair reviews, processes, prices, guarantees, and many more.

If you are ready to get your credit score fixed without having to deal with the endless stress and spending countless hours doing it all by yourself, below are the five best credit repair platforms in the market today.

List Of Best Credit Repair Companies and Services

  1. Sky Blue Credit: Overall Best Credit Repair Company To Fix Your Credit; Editor’s Pick
  2. Lexington Law: Top Rated Credit Repair Agency With Intensive Credit Repair Assistance
  3. Creditrepair.Com: Credit Repair Application To Increase Your Credit Score
  4. Credit Saint: Legitimate Credit Repair Companies For Fixing Your Credit
  5. The Credit Pros: Trusted Credit Repair Service To Improve Your Credit Report

#1. Sky Blue Credit: Overall Best Credit Repair Company To Fix Your Credit; Editor’s Pick

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Sky Blue Credit is one of the most reliable and oldest credit repair companies that help Americans fix their credit. They offer no surprises and are straightforward by offering a customer-friendly refund and cancelation policy that gives new customers ease of mind while working on their credit.

It is very common for many credit repair agencies to offer a variety of tiers of service plans or subscriptions, selling premium packages at a much higher cost. However, Sky Blue Credit offers only one service, but this single plan works great for most consumers. This plan is very flexible and covers a wide variety of services that can be personalized according to individual needs.

One benefit of working with any credit repair company is having a professional set of eyes examine your credit history and report for any type of discrepancy or disputes. A good credit repair expert is usually able to spot the errors you would usually miss. Sky Blue Credit provides all users who sign up a detailed credit report analysis.

Sky Blue uses a simple and cheap pricing model consisting of the initial fee of $79, continued by a subscription fee of $79 a month. Availing a couple’s account gets a discount, and they just have to pay $119 each month.

Once you sign up to Sky Blue Credit, they will send your free credit history and reports from the three credit bureaus. They will then review your report thoroughly, identify any potential errors, and set priorities on items that must be fixed first.

Sky Blue offers different credit repair services, including cease and desist letters, goodwill letters, debt validation, and debt settlement. The agency claims that the credit repair process can take up to 6 months, but you can cancel or pause the service at any time without paying any penalties. This bit of flexibility is extremely important, especially if your financial situation changes constantly.

Customers who choose to work with Sky Blue Credit are not obligated to any form of long-term contract. They have the choice to leave at any time as the company’s cancellation policy is some of the best and most friendly in the market. Even memberships can be canceled easily by logging into the website, sending an email, or calling their service phone line. No type of fee is charged upon cancellation.

The great thing about Sky Blue Credit is that not only do they help fix your credit report, but while reviewing your credit, they offer suggestions or steps to take to improve your credit in the long run. This includes informing you to prioritize paying certain balances and opening a safe credit card. Additionally, they also help users build a long-term credit repair and rebuilding plan.

#2. Credit Saint: Overall Best Credit Repair Company To Fix Your Credit; Editor’s Pick

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Credit Saint is our number one pick for the best credit repair company, and for a good reason. As the name suggests, this company is a saint when it comes to fixing credit reports. Founded back in 2007, this agency has maintained an A + rating in the Better Business Bureau, which is quite difficult to do among reputable credit repair companies. With over 15 years of experience, they are very reputable and reliable in the credit repair industry.

The great thing about Credit Saint is that they assign each customer with a personal team of credit repair pros who view their case and update them constantly on any changes or answer any of their questions regarding the process.

Credit Saint fixes your credit report by challenging any inaccurate and harmful information such as repossessions. Late payments, identity thefts, collections, charge offs and judgments. The agency understands that when it comes to fixing credit scores and credit history, every individual case is different and needs to be approached accordingly.

The company offers three different packages which are custom made to fit anyone’s individual needs.

Clean Slate

This package is a competitive one that offers users unlimited challenges to all three major credit bureaus. Additionally, this package also includes credit score analysis while acting as a middleman between users, the creditors, and the credit bureaus.

If you choose to pick this package, the agency will stop any debt collectors from bothering and harassing you by giving them a cease and desist letter on your behalf while tracking your credit score. This package also comes with Experian monitoring and inquiry targets.

Initially, you will have to pay 195 dollars to subscribe to the package and then a monthly fee of 120 dollars. This will get you unlimited challenges to correct any mistakes in your credit report.

Credit Remodel

This package is much more cost-efficient and still offers users unlimited challenges to; the three major credit bureaus. It also has other features like credit score analysis, Experian monitoring, inquiry targets, credit score tracking, and ten available challenges on incorrect items during each dispute cycle. Initially, users have to pay a work fee of 100 dollars and then a monthly subscription fee of 100 dollars.

The Credit Remodel package also allows users the choice of challenging repossessions and bankruptcies.

Credit Polish

The cheapest package available on Credit Saint gives users the opportunities to challenge any of the three major credit bureaus, track their credit score, and get a credit score analysis. Credit Saint only allows for five challenges on incorrect items during each dispute cycle because it is the cheapest package.

This package is great if you have a normal credit score and just want to make it better for better financial opportunities. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and can help bring your credit score up. Initially, you will have to pay 100 dollars and then a monthly subscription fee for 80 dollars.

If, for any reason, you do not like working with Credit Saint, you can get your money back. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee that gives you a full refund if Credit Saint is not able to fix your credit score within 90 days. Additionally, the agency guarantees customers the removal of negative items from their reports within 90 days.

Furthermore, the site is easy to use and convenient. If you are curious about what changes Credit Saint has made to your report or where the process is at. There is no need to contact anyone or wait for this information as the agency provides an online dashboard that helps check any progress that the credit saint pros have made.

#3. Lexington Law: Top Rated Credit Repair Agency With intensive credit repair assistance

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If you are looking for a reliable credit repair company to help fix your credit report, Lexington Law is here for you. This credit repair agency is one of the best credit repair firms in the industry. They claim to have over 57 million false claims from their customers’ credit reports, which is a lot more than any other repair firm on the list.

Founded back in 2004, Lexington Law has offices in Arizona and Utah, and lawyers admitted in different states in the United States. The company employs paralegals and attorneys, which many other reputable credit repair services don’t usually do. Lexington Law works with each client by giving them personalized customer service and credit counseling.

Lexington Law has a simple process that involves working with all the major credit bureaus on their clients’ behalf in order to fix inaccurate items on their credit reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act mentions that all the credit bureaus must note only accurate and verifiable information; therefore, the credit bureaus need to delete any information that does not meet this criterion.

Even though you can do this process yourself, Lexington Law makes it much easier because of their good relationship with the major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

According to Lexington Law’s site, their clients could remove over 2 million items from their credit reports in only 2019. These removals included misleading and inaccurate:

  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Charge Offs
  • Late Payments
  • Collections

They offer three different service levels ranging in different prices:

Concord Standard

This package’s monthly subscription will cost $90. The plan provides most of the credit repair services needed by the majority of the users. This package is the most affordable one offered by Lexington Law. With this package, the agency will fill creditor interventions and bureau challenges on the users’ behalf.

Concord Premier

If you have a really bad credit report and require intensive credit repair assistance, then the Concord Premier package is for you. The plan includes ongoing credit monitoring and monthly analyses for just $110 a month. Additionally to all the repair services offered in Concord Standard, this package will also offer clients:

  • TransUnion Alerts
  • Report Watch
  • Credit Score Analysis and reports
  • Inquiry Assistance

Premier Plus

For $130 per month, the best and most complete package offered by Lexington Law has all the tools users need for bad credit repair and much more. If you need any extra help planning and budgeting your finances, this package will be great for you. You will get all the services provided by Concord Premier, including:

  • Personal Finance Tools
  • FICO score Tracker
  • Protection Services against Identity Theft
  • Stoppage of Cease and Desist Letters

A great feature about Lexington Law is that you will not have to pay for anything unless the first stage of the credit repair is completed, no matter which package you choose to go with. Additionally, if you are short on budget, Lexington Law offers family discounts that can help you out. When any household member signs up within 3 days of the original signup, each of them will get a 50 % discount on the first fee.

Furthermore, Lexington Law Firm offers users additional educational resources. Rather than just providing simple credit repair services, this firm makes an extensive effort to educate people on how credit score works and how to fix it. Under their Credit Help Tab available on its official website, users can find detailed and well-written articles covering many topics, including:

  • Understanding Credit
  • Building Credit
  • Improving Credit
  • Fixing Credit

If you go through these articles and understand how the process works, you can go into the free credit consultation to be more confident.

#4. CreditRepair.com: Credit Repair application To Increase Your Credit Score

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Whether you want to improve your credit score or just have a bad credit history, CreditRepair.com is the place for you.

One of the oldest companies in the credit repair industry, CreditRepair.com, was founded back in 1997. They have helped millions of Americans fix their credit report problems for over 24 years. This agency does this by disputing and removing additions or errors to your credit history or report, which could be hindering your credit score.

Users can start working with CreditRepair.com by availing their free consultation and getting their credit score evaluated. Additionally, they can also get recommendations on ways to improve it. After this, CreditRepair.com will set out a plan to fix any problems in your credit score.

The whole credit repair process at CreditRepair.com works in three simple steps. First, you need to sign up and create an account to choose one of the agency’s packages. The packages do three simple steps to fix your credit score:

Step 1 – Check: Once you sign up to the site, it will get your credit report and history from the three credit bureaus. Then they will sort through all your information and reports to find any times that need to be challenged. From there, the agency will try to find a plan to focus your efforts to achieve all your credit score and financial goals.

Step 2 – Challenge: After this, the agency will contact the credit reporting agencies and your creditors directly to determine any changes on your credit history which are appropriate and accurate. If any negative or questionable information is found, they will work and challenge all of it. Their experience and reliable team members know the industry’s tips and tricks, allowing them to use regulations and rules in your favor.

Step 3 – Change: After the agency disputes and challenges all the questionable things in your credit report, it will report this information to the credit report agencies to make sure all the necessary changes are implemented. Once the credit bureaus correct the report, you can see what impact it makes on your credit score.

CreditRepair.com offers clients three different packages to choose from, each with a different monthly fee and initial fee rate.

Direct Package

This is their most basic package with a low initial fee of just $15 and a monthly subscription fee of $70. This package is great for people who need a few credit issue fixes.

Additionally, this package offers a month of credit monitoring, over 25000 dollars worth of identity theft protection, and interventions in all three credit bureaus.

Standard Package

This is the mid-tier package offered by CreditRepair.com. It has an initial fee of just $15 and a monthly subscription fee of $100. The plan came with a full month of credit monitoring, six interventions in the three major credit bureaus, and over $ 25000 worth in identity theft protection.

Advanced Package

This is the most premium package offered by CreditRepair.com, with an initial of just

$5 and a monthly subscription fee of $120. The plan comes with great advantages like having over $1 million of identity theft protection, eight interventions in all the major credit bureaus, and 24/7 credit monitoring in the credit bureaus.

Before you sign up on CreditRepair.com, you should be aware that they do not have hidden charges or any money-back guarantee. Instead, you will get different features like free access to the summary of your credit repair and have 24/7 access to your online dashboard.

Rather than offering debt consolidation and credit counselling, CreditRepair.com offers users access to a free library with several articles on debt solutions, loans, savings, and credit improvements.

Furthermore, users can also view their credit reports using CreditRepair.com mobile app, which works with both IOS and Android systems.

#5. The Credit Pros: Trusted credit repair Service To Improve Your Credit Report

Credit Repair 6

If you are in the market for an affordable, reliable credit repair agency, The Credit Pros is a great choice. The company was founded back in 2009 and has been satisfying customers ever since. They have credit professionals that help thousands of users improve their credit reports by removing any questionable or negative items in the reports.

The Credit Pros was started by Jason M. Kaplan, an expert, and attorney in the credit repair industry. He started this company to help customers increase their bad credit scores and avoid any common credit mistakes in the long run. Since its 2009 beginning, the company has grown a lot, with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) awarding them an A+ rating for its effective and trustworthy services. Not only this but The Credit Pros is also verified by the thousands of positive customer reviews they receive.

In addition to the free credit report consultation service they provide for each customer with certified FICO experts, The Credit Pros also give users goodwill letters to any creditors and unlimited disputes with no additional cost or charges.

Their online portal can be assessed by clients 24/7, even allowing them to have 24/7 access to any case manager. Credit Pros believes in customer information safety; therefore, they are extremely transparent with their whole credit repair process. Since the agency works by getting clients’ scores up, they believe that each client should see their results at any time.

The firm employs good license attorneys as staff members, providing customers with a level of professionalism in their cases. It also doesn’t hurt the agency that their president is a certified FICO expert. The whole aim of the organization’s staff is to provide high-quality customer support by helping clients with ‘setting reachable and realistic credit goals,’ helping them make decisions on ‘ credit damage’ and ‘ give honest, practical credit advice when needed, etc.

The Credit Pros uses a tried and tested credit repaid method to improve their customers’ scores by multiple points. Like most credit repair companies, the firm focuses mainly on identifying and getting rid of negative or false items present on any credit report that may be hindering the score. Once these inaccuracies are pinpointed, The Credit Pros will explain to you the whole process of removing these items.

After you receive the free consultation the company provides, you can get any of the following features or services to improve your credit score:

  • A user-friendly customer portal
  • Credit monitoring in order to identify any identity theft or fraudulent activity
  • Cease and desist
  • Sending creditors debt validation letter
  • Goodwill letters
  • Credit dispute letters
  • A personal action plan from FICO credit repair professionals.

A great feature offered by The Credit Pros is their 100% money-back guarantee, which is eligible if they cannot improve a customer’s credit score in the first 3 months of the clients using their credit repair services.

Results can differ depending on the customer’s situation/credit score and the negative items removal process. The Credit Pros understands that each client is different, and each credit repair result or credit situation is unpredictable; therefore, they have their refund policy.

Tips When Working With Credit Repair Agencies

There are both substandard and genuine products in each industry, but it can get hard to tell which is which. With the rise in popularity of credit repair companies, many agencies have opened up that are fake and fraudulent; companies that are just concerned with making a quick buck instead of helping out customers. Therefore, it is important to know some tips and tricks before you pick a Credit Repair platform.

  • Look out for unreliable companies and potential scams: Many Credit repair companies have a bad reputation for misusing customer information and scamming them out of money. So it is important to look for any red flags. This may include agencies offering to make promises of negative items removal, telling you not to contact any credit report companies, or avoiding explaining all the rights you have. A simple way to determine if the company is safe is looking into their BBB (Better Business Bureau) file and seeing if they have any ongoing complaints with CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).
  • Evaluate fees and packages: Once you determine whether or not the credit repair company is real, evaluate what type of fees they charge and the packages they offer. Not all credit repair companies are made the same, which means that each offers their packages with different charges. While some companies have a monthly charge and a setup fee, others only charge a monthly fee. If cost is something you want to prioritise, make sure to compare and evaluate all potential fees and packages.
  • Check to see any additional services offered: Other than just Credit Repair, many agencies offer extra services such as credit monitoring or financial budgeting advice. When making comparisons between different packages or companies, be sure to see if they include credit monitoring in their deal. While some companies may not charge any additional fees for this feature, some require you to subscribe to a better tier package to get the service.
  • That the company makes realistic promises: Most credit repair agencies work by finding and deleting any errors, inaccurate data, or other issues present on any credit report. You should be aware that this process can be quick or can take a lot of time. It depends on your situation as each case is individual and different from the others. With all things considered, the whole process can take anywhere from four to 7 months.

Therefore, not many companies will give you a guarantee of specific results. So if you find a company that promises to fix your issues within a few days, they are probably trying to scam you.

  • Money-Back Guarantee: Most leading credit repair agencies guarantee money back if they cannot make changes to your credit report in a certain time. These offers can vary in terms and conditions from one agency to another. Therefore, always study the contract in detail.

For instance, if a company offers a money-back guarantee with no strings attached, you can cancel your contract at any time for any reason. While some other credit repair companies can offer a money-back guarantee for 90 days, which means you can get your money back if they fail to fulfil their promises.

  • Number of Disputes Allowed Each Billing Cycle: Good credit repair businesses do most of the work by challenging unverifiable or inaccurate items found on a credit report. Most simple and basic plans allow users up to 5 disputes in each cycle. If you have a mediocre credit score and just need a little bit of help, then these disputes are enough.

However, if you need extensive credit repair and more disputes, you will have to sign up for the plan that allows for more challenges each cycle. This will not only help you improve your credit score, but it will do it much quicker.

FAQs About Credit Repair Services

Q. What are the roles of credit repair companies?

Credit Repair agencies work on behalf of customers with the major credit reporting bureaus. Additionally, working with the institution that had reported the customer to these credit reporting bureaus, which are mostly other financial service agencies. In the process of fixing their credit score, these credit repair companies examine their credit reports and note any misleading or inaccurate data present on the report. They can challenge these mistakes and have the major credit bureaus remove the wrong fata. And even if they are not able to remove the data, the credit repair agency can work with some of the bureaus to modify the report in the customers’ favor.

A good credit repair agency also provides customers with detailed contracts stating all the terms of service, duration needed to get positive results, and all the terms of the payment. If there are any hidden fees or charges, the agency should tell the customer before they sign up for the service.

Q. How to not get scammed by a credit repair company?

Before you learn how to avoid fraud or scams, you need to know how to find one at a distance. It is very common for people to think they are working with a legitimate credit repair company only to find out they were scammed when it’s too late.

Here are a few somethings fraudulent credit repair companies do:

  • The company will offer users a specific credit score.
  • An agency that doesn’t have guaranteed money back if the service fails. Never go near these companies.
  • Any company that does not give detailed terms and conditions before starting any deals.
  • A company that does not inform you of the legal rights you get to dispute any credit information yourself.
  • An agency that tells you to give fake information so you can get access to some credit facility.
  • Any company that tells you to claim disputes of correct information present on a credit report.
  • A company that asks you to give payment for the services upfront.

An easy way to avoid scams is to research the credit repair agency before you decide to work with them. Visit their company website for reviews or look online for any good and reliable credit repair companies.

Q. How do these credit repair agencies manage to remove negative items?

You can get negative and false items removed from your credit report by yourself. However, they are much more likely to get through and removed if initiated through a reputable credit repair service. Different Credit Repair Agencies get negative and false items removed from your credit reports in many different ways:

Q. Send Dispute Letters to Major Credit Bureaus

Once these companies review your credit report and identify their problems, dispute any false items to get them removed from the credit report.

The credit repair firm sends a Dispute letter to financial institutions, credit bureaus, or debt collectors asking them to get rid of the false items.

In a few cases, these companies can use a jamming strategy where they repeatedly send letters to the debt collectors or credit bureaus. If they are not able to respond in 30 days, the account is closed.

Q. Send Cease and Desist letters in your favour

Credit repair firms act as middlemen between debt collectors and customers. Therefore, the company writes letters to different debt collectors telling them to stop harassing customers from payment since they have to wait for false items to be corrected on the credit report.

Negotiating Pay for Delete

Some Credit repair agencies can connect with your creditor to negotiate with them to pay for delete. If this option is selected, the creditors delete any negative comment they posted on your credit report once the debt is paid.

Sending Good Will Notes

Once the major credit bureaus delete the false or negative items, the credit repair company you choose will send them a goodwill letter. This letter will ask them to update all the new information into your credit history and report.

What things can a credit repair company remove from a credit report?

Credit repair agencies can get your credit report from all the three major credit bureaus and have a professional look over them in detail to find any ways to step in and help. Once they build a plan of action, credit repair companies can remove or fix many negative items and errors in your credit report, which include:

  • Any missing items that can increase your score
  • Public records that should not be public( such as judgments or liens)
  • Any closed account that needs to be open or any open accounts that need to be closed
  • Any inaccuracies signaling identity theft
  • All outdated items that need to be dropped off
  • Wrong fates for accounts
  • Misspelling
  • Inquiries that should not be there
  • Data that belong to some other person( for instance, an acc can belong to an ex-lover or someone who has the same name)
  • Duplicate accounts

Even if the entry that negatively affects the credit score is accurate, any problems found in the entry can be removed. When you dispute any false items, this is you asking the major credit bureaus to verify it. If they fail to do so, they need to delete the entry.

Q. How much does it cost to hire credit repair services?

Getting any financial work done while you have a bad credit score can be hell, so it should be a top priority to quickly get credit repair services before it is too late. When you consider the monthly fee over time, credit repair services cost may seem high. However, the next time you need to apply for a credit card or a loan, a good credit report and an improved credit score can help your case out and save thousands of dollars in fees and interest. Additionally, a good credit report can help people get approved for a job application or a lease as people would much rather work with financially responsible people.

Almost every credit repair agency charges first work chargers or a setup fee while creating your account initially. This fee can range in prices, as low as $7 or as high as $300, depending on which plan and company you choose to work with.

Likewise, different credit repair firms can charge a range of monthly subscription fees. Many credit repair companies at the top offer a basic plan at $80 each month. This is usually more than enough for most customers. As more features are added to the package, the prices keep going up. The highest subscription rate on a monthly basis we found was $130, which would drop down to $200 if a couple got it together.

Many companies offer discounts or deals to accommodate customers who might not be so financially well off.

Conclusion: How To Improve Credit Score With Best Credit Repair Near Me

Having a bad credit score or bad credit history can affect you negatively financially, making it much more difficult for you to get access to a loan or if you do get them, then having to pay unnecessarily high-interest rates. To help you with this problem or just improve your credit score generally, different credit repair companies can step in.

These companies make it much easier for customers to improve their credit score, as they understand all the legal formalities and have hired experts in the field.

It is best to hire a credit repair agency that is transparent, flexible, and matches your specific needs. We have listed the best credit repair companies for you to research on but if you do not want to do the research and take our word for it, go for Credit Saint. This credit repair company is reliable and trustworthy, and will help you with all your financial troubles.

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