22 Best Reishi Mushroom Supplements

In 2019, the global reishi mushroom supplements market had a value of $3,096.9 million. Studies have shown that the daily recommended dose is 1.5 to 9 grams

Reishi mushrooms have been used as an herbal remedy for centuries, and they have multiple medicinal properties that make them a powerful health supplement. But finding the right reishi mushroom supplement isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best reishi mushroom supplements – each providing different benefits to ensure you get the most out of these amazing mushrooms. Read on, compare them, and find the supplement that works best for you!

22 Best Reishi Mushroom Supplements

  1. Elm & Rye Mushroom Supplements
  2. Real Mushrooms Reishi Longevity Capsules
  3. Real Mushrooms Real Rest Capsules
  4. Primordia Reishi Mushroom Capsules
  5. The Genius Brands Genius Mushrooms
  6. Host Defense Mushrooms Reishi Capsules
  7. Apetropics Genius Chews
  8. Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom Vegan Capsules
  9. FreshCap Ultimate Mushroom Complex
  10. BeLive Smart Shrooms Powder
  11. NusaPure Reishi Mushroom Veggie Caps
  12. Double Wood Supplements Reishi Mushroom Capsules
  13. Real Mushrooms 5 Defenders Capsules
  14. Mushroom Superfood Om Reishi Capsules
  15. NutriFlair Premium Mushroom Complex
  16. Middle World Mushrooms
  17. Lions Mane 20 in 1 Mushroom Supplement
  18. FreshCap Reishi Mushroom Powder
  19. Naturelo Mushroom Supplement
  20. Horbaach Reishi Mushroom Extract Tincture
  21. Vegatot Organic Mushroom Complex
  22. Ancient Nutrition Reishi Mushroom Tablets

Elm & Rye Mushroom Supplements


Elm & Rye offers reishi mushroom supplements for those seeking to capitalize on the many health benefits of this medicinal variety of mushrooms. Known for its ability to lower stress-related issues, reishi can also increase endurance and boost immunity. The reishi mushroom in Elm & Rye’s supplement is also grown naturally without any added preservatives, coloring agents, or flavor enhancers – so you can enjoy pure reishi with all its natural benefits. Give reishi mushroom supplements a try today and say goodbye to those harsh pharmaceuticals and their associated side effects.

Real Mushrooms Reishi Longevity Capsules


Finding the right reishi mushroom supplements can be a daunting task, as there are many products on the market claiming to offer countless benefits. However, Real Mushrooms Reishi Longevity Capsules stand out from the rest with their naturally-sourced reishi mushroom that has been grown under strictly certified organic and biodynamic practices. Each capsule contains a full spectrum reishi extract for maximum potency, along with additional ingredients such as medicinal herbs, enzymes, and probiotics to help supplement the reishi mushroom and bring an added boost to your regimen. Packed with numerous health benefits, these capsules make it easy to stay healthy and keep your body functioning at its best.

Real Mushrooms Real Rest Capsules


Real Mushrooms Real Rest Capsules are reishi mushroom supplements that are formulated to help users relax and get a good night’s sleep. They contain 500mg of reishi spore powder in each capsule, which is believed to be five times more potent than reishi mushrooms. This makes Real Mushrooms Real Rest Capsules an effective and potent supplement for relaxation. With its all-natural formula, this supplement promotes deep sleep without groggy side effects in the morning, allowing users to wake up refreshed and recharged. Take the right steps towards calming your mind and body with Real Mushrooms Real Rest Capsules today!

Primordia Reishi Mushroom Capsules


If you’re looking to support emotional and physical well-being, reishi mushroom supplements provide an excellent supplement. The Primordia Reishi Mushroom Capsules are a great option because they are vegan-friendly, all-natural, and non-GMO, produced in an FDA-registered facility that adheres strictly to good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines. Each capsule is packed with concentrated reishi extract equivalent to 4500mg of fresh reishi mushroom – just the dose you need for reaping reishi’s potential health benefits. Take regular reishi mushroom capsules from Primordia and make sure you start each day fresh and energized!

The Genius Brands Genius Mushrooms


The Genius Brands Genius Mushrooms is a unique supplement that combines reishi mushrooms with nootropic herbs and natural vitamins. Reishi has long been known as an adaptogen, helping the body to better manage stress, while also providing numerous other health benefits. This reishi-based product combines its powerful mushroom extract with a handful of carefully chosen herbs to increase cognitive performance, energy levels, mood, and focus. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a little extra support in their day-to-day life. With regular intake of reishi mushroom supplements from The Genius Brands, you’ll not only feel more energized and focused but may benefit from improved overall well-being.

Host Defense Mushrooms Reishi Capsules


Reishi mushrooms have long been heralded for their potential health benefits, including boosting the immune system and lowering inflammation. The reishi mushroom supplements by Host Defense, specifically their Reishi Capsules, offer a clean, convenient way for individuals to gain the advantages reishi can offer in an easy-to-take form. Each capsule contains only organic reishi fruiting body dual extracted to ensure a potent dose of both polysaccharides and triterpenes from the mushroom. Additionally, all reishi mushrooms used are certified organic and sustainably harvested in the United States—setting Host Defense’s reishi capsules apart from other reishi supplements on the market. Take your health into your own hands with these reishi mushroom capsules today!

Apetropics Genius Chews


If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy snack that works alongside reishi mushroom supplements, Apetropics Genius Chews are a perfect choice! These soft chewable treats offer the enhancement benefits of reishi mushroom infusions and come in four delicious flavors: cherry, blueberry, peach, and lemon. Each chew contains only natural ingredients like reishi mushroom extract and organic honey, plus essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body feeling its best. Try Apetropics Genius Chews today and feel the great effects of reishi mushrooms without sacrificing taste!

Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom Vegan Capsules


Looking for natural reishi mushroom supplements to improve your overall health? Look no further than Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom Vegan Capsules. Offering 800mg of reishi mushrooms per serving, these easy-to-swallow capsules give you access to all the incredible benefits reishi can provide. And with a vegan capsule, you’re getting reishi without compromise – no animal byproducts here! As an added bonus, reishi mushrooms can support restful sleep, so why not try Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom Vegan Capsules today and see how they work for you?

FreshCap Ultimate Mushroom Complex


FreshCap Ultimate Mushroom Complex is an excellent reishi mushroom supplement choice if you are looking for a natural way to boost your overall health. Packed with a variety of powerful mushrooms, this complex supplement provides users with an array of benefits, including improved energy levels and a strengthened immune system. Furthermore, all the reishi mushrooms used in this product are organically grown and harvested. With FreshCap Ultimate Mushroom Complex, you get all the reishi mushroom goodness at its full potential.

BeLive Smart Shrooms Powder


BeLive Smart Shrooms Powder provides reishi mushroom supplements in a convenient, easy-to-use powder form. This reishi mushroom supplement offered the same health benefits as traditional reishi mushroom supplements, including immune system support and boosted energy and focus. Not only that, but it also tastes great, making it easier for the whole family to get their recommended daily dose of reishi. With added B vitamins and electrolytes, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your supplement each and every day. Give BeLive Smart Shrooms Powder a try today for all your reishi supplementation needs!

NusaPure Reishi Mushroom Veggie Caps


If you’ve been looking for reishi mushroom supplements that offer an array of health benefits, NusaPure Reishi Mushroom Veggie Caps are a perfect choice. Not only do they make an awesome addition to your health and wellness routine; but they also help to boost your mood, maintain normal blood pressure levels, increase immunity and support a healthy cardiovascular system. NusaPure Reishi Mushroom Veggie Caps are naturally cultivated and contain no chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients. Their vegan formula is easily absorbed into your body, so you can start reaping the rewards immediately!

Double Wood Supplements Reishi Mushroom Capsules


Double Wood Supplements Reishi Mushroom Capsules are a great way to reap all the wonderful benefits of reishi mushrooms. These reishi mushroom capsules are made with organic reishi mushroom powders and extracts that bring you the advantages of reishi mushrooms in their purest form. Furthermore, they offer fast absorption rates so your body can start benefiting right away. Do not hesitate to give these capsules a try if you are looking for a natural way to support your overall well-being.

Real Mushrooms 5 Defenders Capsules


Real Mushrooms’ 5 Defenders Capsules are the perfect choice for health-conscious people looking to reap the benefits of reishi mushrooms. Highly renowned for boosting immunity and reducing inflammation, reishi mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. With Real Mushrooms capsules, you can access reishi mushroom supplements that help you stay healthy and increase energy levels throughout the day. Each capsule contains a high concentration of extracted reishi powder from USDA Certified Organic mushrooms harvested from their own farms in Canada and the US, which is further verified by third-party lab tests for potency and purity. So do yourself a favor and choose Real Mushrooms’ 5 Defenders Capsules – natural supplements made with only the highest-quality reishi ingredients that will help your body gain vital nourishment whilst gently restoring balance in your system.

Mushroom Superfood Om Reishi Capsules


In recent years, reishi mushroom supplements have become a popular superfood among health enthusiasts. When you purchase reishi mushroom capsules, you can be sure that you are getting the very best reishi mushroom extract for optimal health benefits. Quality reishi extracts contain up to 400 beneficial compounds, including polysaccharides, proteins, and lipids which support the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems. All of these properties in reishi mushroom capsules can help to support energy levels, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. With regular supplementation of reishi mushroom capsules, you may find yourself energized and more motivated to take on your daily activities with ease!

NutriFlair Premium Mushroom Complex


NutriFlair Premium Mushroom Complex is a powerful reishi mushroom supplement that provides many health benefits to its users. Reishi mushrooms have been used for centuries as an adaptogen to support healthy levels of stress in addition to boosting immunity and promoting anti-aging effects. It combines reishi with other organic mushroom breeds such as Shiitake, Maitake, Beech, and Chaga mushrooms for maximum multiple benefits. Each dose of NutriFlair Premium Mushroom Complex contains the optimum blend of reishi mushrooms and other organic mushrooms so that you get all the necessary nutrients in every serving. So if you are looking for a natural way to boost your energy and overall wellness, try this premium reishi mushroom supplement!

Middle World Mushrooms


Middle World Mushrooms offer high-quality reishi mushroom supplements. These supplements are a great way to ensure you’re getting all the benefits reishi mushrooms to have to offer – they’re packed with antioxidants and can help improve your immunity, digestion, and energy levels. With their natural adaptogenic qualities, reishi mushroom supplements can help you feel more balanced while providing nutritional support. Middle World Mushrooms provide only top-notch reishi mushroom extracts that contain up to 30% active compounds for maximum effectiveness. Try out the power of reishi mushrooms for yourself today!

Lions Mane 20 in 1 Mushroom Supplement


Lions Mane 20 in 1 Mushroom Supplement could be a great addition to your health regimen. Not only does this product contain reishi mushroom extract, but it also features twenty other scientifically-selected mushrooms from around the world. Each powerful ingredient is combined to enhance mental clarity, help support healthy immune function, and assist with overall well-being. Moreover, reishi mushrooms are known for their anti-aging capabilities as well as their ability to regulate energy levels throughout the day. Incorporating Lions Mane 20 in 1 Mushroom Supplement into one’s everyday routine is an excellent way to ensure good health and peace of mind.

FreshCap Reishi Mushroom Powder


Reishi mushroom supplements have become increasingly popular of late due to the fact that they offer a wide range of health benefits, from boosting immunity to improving mental clarity. FreshCap Reishi Mushroom Powder is an easy and effective way to enjoy all the potential reishi has to offer. Just add a scoop of powder into hot, cold, or room temperature liquids with your favorite supplements or smoothie ingredients and enjoy the delicious, earthy flavor. Get recharged and reenergized with FreshCap Reishi Mushroom Powder!

Naturelo Mushroom Supplement


Finding the perfect reishi mushroom supplement can be tricky, but naturelo offers a wide variety of supplements that are made from high-quality reishi mushroom extracts for health and wellness support. With Naturelo you can get supplements that deliver all the reishi mushroom benefits without any fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. So if you’re looking for reishi mushroom supplements that provide exceptional potency, purity, and naturalness, Naturelo has exactly what you need.

Horbaach Reishi Mushroom Extract Tincture


If you’re on the hunt for reishi mushroom supplements, look no further than Horbaach Reishi Mushroom Extract Tincture. This reishi-based product is formulated using pure reishi mushrooms to maximize its health benefits. Taken daily, this tincture helps to reduce inflammation and glucose levels, as well as provides support for healthy digestion and liver health. Additionally, reishi mushroom extract can also revitalize your body’s immune system by supporting the lymphatic system with its potent antioxidants. So if you’re looking for a reishi-based supplement with tried-and-true results, then don’t hesitate to try Horbaach Reishi Mushroom Extract Tincture today!

Vegatot Organic Mushroom Complex


Vegatot Organic Mushroom Complex provides an easy and convenient way to incorporate reishi mushroom supplements into your daily routine. This unique blend of seven organic mushroom species is crafted in small batches and freeze-dried to lock in beneficial compounds and maintain the highest quality. Delivering a source of numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Vegatot Organic Mushroom Complex supports a healthy immune system, energy levels, cognitive functioning, inflammation control, and more – all with a single serving. Take your health to the next level today with Vegatot Organic Mushroom Complex!

Ancient Nutrition Reishi Mushroom Tablets


Ancient Nutrition Reishi Mushroom Tablets present an innovative approach to holistic wellness and health maintenance. These reishi mushroom supplements are made from responsibly sourced reishi mushrooms and natural, plant-based ingredients including ginger and turmeric. Reishi mushrooms have long been prized for their health benefits, helping to reduce stress levels, support immune system health, as well as promote a balanced mood. Taking a daily reishi mushroom supplement can give you access to these ancient ingredients without having to hunt down reishi mushrooms in the wild! With Ancient Nutrition’s commitment to quality & purity standards, their reishi mushroom tablets are a great way to start incorporating the timeless wisdom of reiki mushrooms into your everyday wellness routine.


Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using reishi mushrooms for more than 2,000 years. However, 75% of mushroom supplements that are marketed as containing reishi don’t; these supplements make sure you’re actually getting the reishi you’re looking for. 

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