2023 Orlando’s Best Pet Contest Winners

It was a purr-fect competition between some of Orlando's best pets, as submitted by their owners!

THANK YOU Central Florida for submitting your amazing, adorable, and just plain sweet pets into our 2023 Best Pet Contest. Take a look at our 8 runners-up, and our 2023 Winner, Bowie.

The Winner


Bowie is a big Aussie with a big personality! Almost 2, Bowie has lost some of his puppy ways but he is still rambunctious, playful, energetic and hilarious. He is also a real mischief maker and a committed flip-flop thief. His favorite toy right now is a huge hamburger plushie. After zooming around the yard with his herding ball he loves to jump in the pool for a cool down.



The Runners-Up

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