11 Great Neighborhoods: Orwin Manor Area

Explore Rose Isle, Beverly Shores, and the iconic Orwin Manor.
Orwin Manor, Audrey Morrone With Her 1925 Home, Photo By Roberto Gonzalez


The earliest records date Orwin Manor to the mid-1800s and tie it to entrepreneur and statesman Walter W. Rose. Walter Rose was an energetic, farsighted, innovative individual. His love of Florida, natural enthusiasm, and the close study he made of land values and real estate laws brought him success.

In 1924, during the Florida Land Boom, Rose’s Central Florida Development Company launched its sixth development called Orwin Manor. “Orwin” is a combination of Orlando and Winter Park. Rose Isle and Orwin Manor were considered some of the finest subdivisions of the time.

The first structures in Orwin Manor were the great stuccoed gates spanning three corners at Orange Avenue, Clay Street, and Wilkinson Street. The homes reflected Mediterranean themes, which defined Florida’s significant 1920s land boom era and various styles such as colonial revival, mission, and the bungalow. Rose insisted the streets be lined with curbs and offer ample sidewalks, streetlights with underground wiring and the planting of oak trees and palms. With its mix of longtime residents and new, Orwin Manor is a fascinating and colorful place to live. The central location, variety of architecture, plethora of historic homes, mature street tree canopy, and caring neighbors make Orwin Manor a lovely place to live.

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37% Bachelor’s Degree

23% Master’s degree or higher


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with Fannie Hillman + Associates

Located on the border of Winter Park is a cluster of neighborhoods known for their charm and proximity to everything desirable for a fabulous, healthy, and easy lifestyle. Orlando’s Orwin Manor, Rose Isle, and the Beverly Shores are primarily peppered with the 1920s-1950s homes oozing with appeal, sitting on larger lots. Within a one-mile radius, Loch Haven Park is surrounded by multiple art museums & theaters, the science center, and a hospital. This radius also includes the Fresh Market and a variety of dining flairs on Virginia Ave, Orange Ave, and around Mills 50. The East side of Orwin Manor, including Rose Isle and Beverly Shores, is highly sought after for their school zone, assigned to Audubon K-8th Grade. Homeowners in the Audubon K-8th quadrant historically live here longer and obtain a higher value, with an average sale price of $950K – YTD, compared to Orwin Manor on the West side of Mills Avenue/17-92, with an average sale price of $560K – YTD. Living in this prime neighborhood allows you to pop on I-4 in a snap or cruise out the back way onto Corrine Drive for trendy shopping and tasty treats. The historical charm captures your heart, while the mindful location keeps homeowners there for a lifetime.

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