20 Best Fiber Supplements for Women


Did you know that approximately only 7% of Americans get enough fiber? Furthermore, the recommended fiber amount for women is 21 to 25 grams

Fiber is essential for healthy digestion, but getting the recommended amount from your diet can be difficult. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of good fiber supplements on the market to help fill in any gaps. But with so many options available, it can be hard to choose the best one for your needs. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up 20 of the best fiber supplements for women in this article. From powders to capsules and more, there’s something here for everyone. 

Read on to find out which fiber supplements may be right for you. 

20 Best Fiber Supplements for Women

  1. Elm & Rye Fiber Supplements
  2. Penguin Gummies
  3. Everest Gummies
  4. Happy Fiber™ New Daily Fiber Supplement with Mood Support
  5. Naked Nutrition Fiber Supplement
  6. Amy Meyers MD Prebiotic Fiber Complete 
  7. Terra Origin Healthy Gut Support Powder
  8. Love Wellness Sparkle Fiber
  9. Colon Broom
  10. Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice
  11. Life Extension Mix™ Powder
  12. Garden of Life, DetoxiFiber, Special Detoxification Fiber Blend
  13. Solimo Fiber
  14. Swanson Premium- Fiber Gummies – Orange & Mixed Berry
  15. CVS Health Great Shape Fiber Powder
  16. Aloe Life- FiberMate
  17. Garden of Life RAW Fiber 803 grams
  18. iHerb California Gold Nutrition, Prebiotic Fiber
  19. Natural Factors Organic Low Fodmap Reliefiber
  20. Metamucil Fiber Supplement with Sugar

Elm & Rye Fiber Supplements



Elm & Rye fiber supplements are a fantastic product for busy women on the go! Our fiber supplements are designed to provide a convenient, daily fiber boost, with all-natural ingredients to help you stay feeling energized and focused throughout your day. Not only do they offer an efficiency of nutrients to support digestive health in one easy-to-remember capsule, but their energy-boosting formula creates a gentle feeling that helps carry you through your most hectic days and puts your mind at ease. Support your body and mind with Elm & Rye fiber supplements – trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Penguin Gummies


Penguin Gummies are an innovative fiber supplement for women who want to stay healthy and happy. Designed with natural fiber, these gummies contain only the highest quality ingredients that will help keep your body functioning at best. The fiber found in Penguin Gummies will help digestion go smoother and it helps reduce bloating, too! Plus, it’s delicious with a hint of raspberry and blackcurrant flavor. It’s the perfect fiber supplement for busy days that don’t make room for you to take a fiber pill or capsule. With Penguin Gummies you can easily get an extra fiber boost into your diet so you can keep healthy and energized all day long!

Everest Gummies


Everest Gummies are an incredible fiber supplement specifically designed for women. It’s convenient, easy to use, and made from completely organic materials – so you get the same benefits without all the nasty additives. Thanks to its prebiotic fiber content, these gummies have been proven to help improve gut health and reduce bloating. Best of all, it promotes regularity and ups your digestive game–– resulting in improved nutrient absorption, a stronger immune system, and most importantly, a healthier you! Try out Everest Gummies today – it just might change your life.

Happy Fiber™ New Daily Fiber Supplement with Mood Support


Happy Fiber™ New Daily Fiber Supplement with Mood Support is the fiber supplement for women who want to stay feeling their best. Each fiber capsule contains a proprietary formula that has been carefully crafted to provide fiber and mood support in a balanced blend that helps promote feelings of well-being. With just one capsule daily, you can help strengthen your gut health, reduce bloating and get healthy regularity – all while keeping your emotions on track. Give yourself the fiber support you need for better overall health with Happy Fiber™!

Naked Nutrition Fiber Supplement


Naked Nutrition Fiber Supplement is the answer to maintaining digestion health and optimized daily fiber intake. This fiber supplement specifically designed for women features a combination of prebiotic fiber and digestive enzymes, that are essential for gut health. Packed with natural ingredients such as probiotic fiber from fruits and vegetables, acacia fiber, and inulin fiber to name a few, this supplement helps support regularity and revives healthy digestion. With an optimal fiber intake per day for women, Naked Nutrition Fiber Supplement is the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep their digestion on track.

Amy Meyers MD Prebiotic Fiber Complete 


Amy Meyers MD Prebiotic Fiber Complete is the perfect fiber supplement for women looking to improve their digestion and overall health. This fiber-rich blend of several key ingredients helps promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria to reduce digestive problems and boost immunity. In addition to its fiber content, this fiber supplement contains apple fiber pectin, flax fiber, chicory root fiber, inulin fiber as well as vitamins and minerals that work together to maximize benefits for women’s digestive systems. Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to get your daily dose of fiber or want to give your gut health a boost, Amy Meyer MD Prebiotic Fiber Complete has you covered.

Terra Origin Healthy Gut Support Powder


Women looking to take control of their gut health can do so through the natural fiber supplements provided by Terra Origin’s Healthy Gut Support Powder! This fiber support helps the gut regulate itself, promoting balance throughout the entire digestive system. It also provides an excellent source of fiber and supports regularity. With all-natural ingredients, including prebiotic fiber, ginger root extract, slippery elm bark, and more, this powder helps keep your digestive tract healthy for years to come. Plus, you get the added benefits of probiotics for a comprehensive approach to digestive health maintenance. Transform your gut health with Terra Origin’s Healthy Gut Support Powder!

Love Wellness Sparkle Fiber


Love Wellness Sparkle Fiber is a fiber supplement for women looking to get their fiber intake back on track. With three grams of fiber per serving, this supplement allows you to finally reach your daily fiber goals without the hassle of keeping track or worrying about which food to reach in order to do so. Its natural flavor means that you won’t have any aftertaste and its gluten-free formula ensures that it will fit any diet! Incorporating Love Wellness Sparkle Fiber into your routine will give you the ultimate fiber boost, making it easy and convenient to stay healthy!

Colon Broom


If you’re looking for fiber supplements that are specifically formulated for women, then try Colon Broom! Packed with fiber and made with natural ingredients, Colon Broom helps support your digestive system and overall health. Plus, its patented FiberFlex formula helps ensure effective fiber absorption and regularity. So forget about bloating and discomfort, and start feeling the power of fiber for yourself! With Colon Broom on your team, you’ll enjoy better digestion and a healthier lifestyle in no time.

Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice


Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice is a unique fiber supplement that’s designed to help women stay physically healthy and mentally alert. Their fiber blend combines 12 fruits, vegetables, and herbs – all packed with fiber in order to optimize smooth digestion – in one scoop of both deliciousness and nourishment. Not only are they USDA organic certified and made with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colors – they also come blended with natural spices like turmeric and cardamom to give every fiber-rich scoop an extra layer of flavor. Fast-acting fiber has never tasted better! With Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice, you can enjoy fiber that gets to work fast in your system without feeling deprived or overwhelmed by the taste.

Life Extension Mix™ Powder


Revolutionize your fiber and health game with Life Extension Mix™ Powder! This fiber supplement for women is your one-stop-shop to feel energized, balanced, and healthy. Not only does this fiber powder provide 5 grams of fiber per serving, but it also contains prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to promote gut health. On top of that, the 19 varieties of whole foods sourced from around the world makes this powder an incredibly nutritious addition to any lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Try Life Extension Mix™ Powder today and start feeling healthier than ever before!

Garden of Life, DetoxiFiber


Garden of Life’s DetoxiFiber is a revolutionary fiber supplement designed specifically for women. Packed with 10 grams of fiber, the supplement helps to promote digestive health and regularity while also supporting detoxification. Furthermore, it’s formulated with organic ingredients to provide both fiber and nutritional support, including Prebiotic Fiber Blend (Acacia fiber and Inulin fiber) and Organic Superfood Blend (Organic Carrot Root & Powder, Organic Beet Root & Powder). Natural flavors such as natural strawberry, blueberry and raspberry make it delicious too! With highly effective fiber supplements like DetoxiFiber from Garden of Life, women can finally enjoy the highest standards in gut health and detoxification.

Solimo Fiber


Women looking for fiber supplements to support their overall health and well-being should look no further than Solimo Fiber! This fiber supplement is designed specifically with female needs in mind, providing a natural fiber source that’s easily absorbed and absorbed quickly. With over eight billion prescribed cultures per serving, you can be sure you’re getting the fiber your body needs without any artificial additives or preservatives. Plus, the fiber itself is derived from three different sources—wheatgrass, wheatberries and psyllium husks—to provide maximum benefit to your body. So whether you’re looking for more fiber in your diet or are just trying to keep regular, Solimo Fiber has what you need!

Swanson Premium Fiber Gummies 


Swanson’s Premium Fiber Gummies are a convenient and delicious way for women to get fiber in their diets. Not only are they easy to take, but the fiber gummies also come with a variety of tasty flavors, giving fiber supplements an exciting boost! Each fiber supplement gummy contains 4 grams of fiber and 3 grams of prebiotic dietary fiber, supplying a boost to your regular diet that even picky eaters will love. Maintaining an adequate amount of dietary fiber is extremely important for women, making Swanson’s Premium Fiber Gummies the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle.

CVS Health Great Shape Fiber Powder


CVS Health Great Shape fiber powder is designed with women in mind – perfect for those who want to supplement their regular fiber intake to stay in great shape. Unlike other fiber supplements, this one comes in a convenient powder form, making it easy to take on the go and enjoy as part of your morning smoothie or just blend into the water. It also contains a blend of natural ingredients that help support digestive and immune health. The delicious berry flavor makes taking fiber supplements fun and enjoyable – no more chokiness! Plus you can trust CVS Health Great Shape fiber powder to get the job done since it’s backed by decades of science and research.

Aloe Life FiberMate


Aloe Life FiberMate is a fantastic fiber supplement specifically designed for women’s health. This fiber supplement is fortified with Vitamin C and magnesium to provide the body with the additional fiber it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It contains fiber from both soluble and insoluble sources which help your digestive system not only absorb the fiber but also the essential nutrients that your body needs. With its all-natural ingredients, you can get fiber in an easy-to-use form that is beneficial for your digestive health and overall wellness. Try Aloe Life FiberMate today for a healthier you!

Garden of Life RAW Fiber 803 grams


Garden of Life’s RAW Fiber 803 grams is the ultimate fiber supplement for women that not only prevents GI issues and constipation, but also has a great taste. This fiber supplement helps to keep you feeling light, regular, and energized all day. It features 12 different organically-grown sprouts plus 7 powerful whole plant extracts, nutrient-rich algae including Chlorella, along with organic fruit and vegetable fiber sources such as carrot root fiber. Each serving provides 20g of fiber from soluble and insoluble sources for healthy digestion and regularity. With added probiotics for gut health and higher nutrient absorption, Garden of Life’s RAW Fiber 803 grams could be an integral part of your digestive health routine.

iHerb California Gold Nutrition, Prebiotic Fiber


Look no further than iHerb California Gold Nutrition, Prebiotic Fiber if you’re looking for a fiber supplement specifically designed for women. With prebiotic fiber blended into 7g of fiber per serving, our fiber supplement can help support your digestive and immune health as well as enhance natural energy. Our fiber drink mix is also enriched with vital probiotics and vitamins to promote both physical and mental well-being. Additionally, this delicious fiber powder dissolves easily in both hot and cold beverages so you can get your daily dose of fiber quickly and conveniently. Get the most out of this nutritional powerhouse – feel healthier from the inside out with iHerb California Gold Nutrition’s Prebiotic Fiber!

Natural Factors Organic Low Fodmap Reliefiber


Do you feel the effects of frequent bloating, abdominal cramps, and irregularity? If so, Natural Factors Organic Low Fodmap Reliefiber fiber supplements for women may be the perfect solution. This powerful fiber supplement contains a blend of organic psyllium fiber husk powder, organic sunfiber, and partially hydrolyzed guar gum that are specifically formulated to support healthy digestion in females. Because it is low in Fodmap allergens, your body will absorb its beneficial ingredients quickly without triggering unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects. Natural Factors Organic Low Fodmap Reliefiber fiber supplements will give you the digestive relief you’ve been searching for! Try them today!

Metamucil Fiber Supplement with Sugar


Metamucil fiber supplement with sugar can be a great addition to any woman’s fitness and health routine. Not only does fiber help promote regularity, but it also aids in digestive health by helping the body absorb minerals and other nutrients with ease. Adding Metamucil fiber supplement with sugar to your daily routine is key for nutrient absorption and can aid in keeping you feeling healthy and energized throughout the day. Along with being a beneficial fiber supplement for women, there are no harsh ingredients in this product, making it ideal for any gender or age demographic. Experience the benefits of fiber today by trying Metamucil fiber supplement with sugar!


In 2022 the fiber supplements market was valued at $18.21 million. However, only about 5% of the U.S. population gets the recommended amount of fiber – these fiber supplements can help change that. 

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