10 Best Protein Powders For Weight Loss To Buy This Year

Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for weight loss. Getting enough protein keeps you fuller for longer, reduces your appetite, and supports a healthy metabolism. Protein may also help you to retain lean muscle mass while losing body fat.

One of the most convenient ways to boost your protein intake is with protein shakes. While there are tons of premade protein shakes on the market, protein powder is much more versatile. You can mix powder with water, milk, or plant-based milk. Or you can make it even more nutritious by adding ice, fruit, and greens and blending it.

No matter if you want to lose 10lbs, 50lbs, or more, protein powder is definitely one of the best products to have in your arsenal. Keep reading to learn about the 10 best protein powders that will help you shed the pounds and keep them off for good.Image4

1. Elm & Rye Protein Supplement

Protein per serving: 30g

Flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream

Type: Vegan and standard formula

Price: $74.99 for 30 servings

Elm & Rye Protein Supplement is as good as it gets. In fact, this proprietary protein blend was awarded the healthiest and tastiest protein supplement by Discover Magazine. This protein blend is made from pasture-raised, free-range, and grass-fed cows.

Elm & Rye Protein Supplement is formulated with a customized mushroom complex for brain function and recovery, along with BCAAs for strength optimization and muscle preservation. Each serving also offers collagen for bone health, turmeric to reduce inflammation, and ashwagandha for increased mental focus and strength.

Elm & Rye Protein Supplement is designed to be a full-body restorative formula. Each serving offers 30g of protein, which will keep you full in between meals and help in your weight-loss journey.Image5

2. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

Protein per serving: 24g

Flavors: Extreme Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Mocha Cappuccino, Strawberry & Creme, and Vanilla Ice Cream

Type: Whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides

Price: $33.24 for 28 servings

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is formulated with whey protein isolates, which are the purest form of whey available today. Each serving packs 24g of protein to keep you full while supporting your muscle building needs. It also offers 4g of glutamine and glutamic acid along with 5.5g of naturally occurring BCAAs.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is known for exceptional potency, purity, and composition. When used as a daily supplement, this protein powder can help you lose weight while unlocking your body’s full potential.

What’s great about this protein is that it’s formulated to provide maximum mixability. This means no more clumps whether you mix with a blender bottle or a spoon.


3. BSN Syntha 6

Protein per serving: 22g

Flavors: Banana, Chocolate Milkshake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter, and Strawberry Milkshake

Type: Blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, and egg albumin

Price: $32.28 for 28 servings

BSN Syntha 6 tastes great and packs a powerful punch of protein. Each serving offers 22g of protein along with 10g of naturally occurring essential amino acids. Whether you mix it with water or milk, this protein powder will keep you full while helping you power through your workouts and supporting a healthy recovery. 

This powder mixes well and can be used day or night. Take it post workout, as a snack between meals, or as a bedtime treat. At 200 calories per serving, this protein powder can easily fit within your daily calorie allotment.


4. Isopure Zero/Low Carb

Protein per serving: 25g 

Flavors: Alpine Punch, Apple Pie, Banana Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, Creamy Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Mango Peach, Pineapple Orange Banana, Strawberries & Cream, Toasted Coconut, and Vanilla Salted Caramel

Type: Zero/low carb pure whey protein isolate

Price: $52.99 for 42 servings

Give your body the high-quality protein it needs without the carbs with Isopure Zero/Low Carb. If you’re following the keto diet or simply want to lower your carb intake, this is a great protein to consider. This powder is available in delicious flavors, all of which are available in low or no-carb formulas.

Each serving offers 25g of protein from whey protein isolate, along with added vitamins and minerals to help you perform at your best. Isopure Zero/Low Carb protein powder is made without lactose, gluten, or any fillers.


5. Dymatize ISO100

Protein per serving: 25g protein

Flavors: Gourmet Chocolate, Dunkin’ Cappuccino, Dunkin’ Mocha Latte, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Pebbles Birthday Cake, Gourmet Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate Peanut Butter

Type: Whey protein isolate

Price: $32.99 for 20 servings

Lose weight, go harder at the gym, and give your muscles the recovery support they need with Dymatize ISO100. This ultra-fast absorbing and fast-digesting protein powder is available in great flavors, all of which pack 25g of protein per serving.

At 120 calories or less per serving, Dymatize ISO100 can easily fit into your daily calories. Each serving contains less than 1g of sugar, 5.5g of BCAAs, and 2.6g of leucine. With optimal mixability and maximum purity, this is a quality protein to add to your daily regimen.


6. Naked Nutrition Naked Whey

Protein per serving: 25g

Flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry

Type: Grass-fed whey protein

Price: $94.99 for 60 servings

Sourced from small California dairy farms, Naked Whey comes from grass-fed cows that are raised without growth hormones. Each serving of this product offers 25g of protein along with 5.9g of BCAAs. Available in three delicious flavors, Naked Whey is great for breakfast, as a snack, or at night.

If you’re into clean foods, Naked Whey is a worthy option. This protein powder doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or additives. It’s also soy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.


7. Quest Nutrition

Protein per serving: 20g-24g

Flavors: Salted Caramel, Chocolate Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Crunch, and Cookies & Cream

Type: Whey protein isolate and micellar casein

Price: $33.59 for 22 servings

Because Quest Nutrition protein powder is low-calorie while offering 20g of protein per serving, it’s a great option for anyone who is looking to lose weight. This powder is certified gluten-free, low-carb, low-sugar, and is available in a wide range of delicious flavors.

Quest Nutrition protein powder is made with a blend of fast-absorbing whey protein and slow-acting micellar casein. This unique blend gives your body the amino acids it needs while providing post-workout support.


8. Premier Protein

Protein per serving: 30g 

Flavors: Chocolate Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake, and Cafe Latte

Type: Whey protein

Price: $24.99 for 17 servings

At 30g of protein and 150 calories per serving, Premier Protein powder is formulated to help you reach your weightloss goals. This powder is rich, smooth, and extremely flavorful. It’s made with 100% whey protein, which your body absorbs and digests quickly so that you can feed your muscles the nutrients they need.

Premier Protein powder tastes like a delectable treat! Each serving has just 1g of sugar and contains no soy or gluten. This protein power is the gult-free yum that you’ve been looking for.


9. Pure Protein 100% Whey

Protein per serving: 25g

Flavors: Vanilla Cream and Rich Chocolate

Type: Whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate

Price: $40.99 for 20 servings

Lose weight and keep your body fit with Pure Protein 100% Whey. This protein powder is fast-acting and provides all of the essential amino acids that your body needs for vitality, energy, and strength. It can be used as a pre- or post-workout supplement, in between meals, or as a meal replacement.

Pure Protein 100% Whey is low fat, gluten-free, and doesn’t contain any soy. At 25g of protein per scoop, this powder will help you reach your weightloss goals in no time!


10. PlantFusion Complete Protein

Protein per serving: 21g

Flavors: Creamy Vanilla Bean, Rich Chocolate, Red Velvet Cake, Natural, and Cookies & Cream

Type: Pea protein isolate and whole algae protein

Price: $26.99 for 15 servings

If you’re in the market for a vegan, plant-based protein powder, look no further than PlantFusion Complete Protein. Formulated to build and repair muscle while sustaining energy, this protein powder tastes great and is easy to digest. It also mixes well with plant-based milk, fruit, and leaves no chalky aftertaste!

PlantFusion Complete Protein is naturally delicious and is made with a blend of natural sweeteners and flavors. It doesn’t contain any gluten or GMOs, and is also free of soy, dairy, eggs, rice, fish, nuts, tree nuts, and shellfish.

Final thoughts

The right protein powder makes it much easier to achieve your weightloss goals. By feeding your muscles the nutrients they need, you can shed unwanted body fat while maintaining your lean muscle mass so that you can shed pounds while getting stronger.

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