2020 Premier Doctors

Our database of Premier Doctors features hundreds of prominent physicians in the Orlando area and is searchable by city, zip code, category or keyword.


Aaron Godshall

Practice: AdventHealth Medical Group

Category: pediatric-critical-care

Abdo Asmar

Practice: UCF Health

Category: nephrology

Adam Langley

Practice: PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine

Category: family-medicine

Adam Levitt

Practice: Vascular Specialists of Central Florida

Category: vascular-surgery

Adam Waldman

Practice: Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute

Category: cardiology

Aditi Dagli

Practice: Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Category: genetics

Adnan Akhtar

Practice: AdventHealth Medical Group

Category: hematology-oncology

Aftab Patni

Practice: The Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery Associates

Category: otalaryngology-ear-nose-throat

Agustin Ramos

Practice: AdventHealth Medical Group

Category: pediatric-cardiology

Ahmed Al-Malt

Practice: Fetal Diagnostic Center of Orlando

Category: maternal-fetal-medicine

Ahmed Sadek

Practice: Orlando Epilepsy Center

Category: neurology

Ahmed Zakari

Practice: AdventHealth Medical Group

Category: hematology-oncology

Aileen Caceres

Practice: Caceres Specialized Gynecology

Category: obstetrics-gynecology

Airaj Fasiuddin

Practice: Nemours Children's Hospital

Category: ophthalmology

Ajit Hansalia

Practice: AdventHealth

Category: hospice-palliative

Ajith Potluri

Practice: Psychiatric Consultants of Central Florida

Category: psychiatry

Akinyemi Ajayi

Practice: Children's Lung, Asthma and Sleep Specialists

Category: pediatric-pulmonology

Alan Berns

Practice: Psychiatric Interventions

Category: psychiatry

Alan Forbes

Practice: Mid Florida Cancer Centers

Category: radiation-oncology

Alan Wladis

Practice: AdventHealth Medical Group

Category: vascular-surgery

Albert Ong

Practice: Orlando Urology Associates

Category: urology

Alberto Mansilla

Practice: AdventHealth Radiology Specialists

Category: radiology-therapeutic