Jesse + Robb

January 7, 2012
Private Residence
Photographs by Kent Bristol Photography

The Bride Jessica Leffler, 24, is a professional organizer and owner of Orchestrate.
The Groom Robb Schiller, 24, is a web entrepreneur and owner of Futura I.O.
How They Met Jesse and Robb were family friends who grew up getting to know each other during the summer months. Jesse lived in Orlando and Robb in Michigan, but they had feelings for each other regardless of the distance. They exchanged letters often and “the love just kept growing,” Jesse says. Robb’s family eventually moved to Florida, but they were separated once again when Jesse left for college. When she came back, things finally got serious. “We always dreamt of and talked about getting married, but we knew we needed to wait for the right time.”
Their Engagement Robb took Jesse out for a neighborhood picnic on what she thought was just a random Wednesday in September 2011. They set up on the boat ramp in their neighborhood, the same spot they had discussed wanting to get married in. “He started telling me how much he loved me, and reached for his pocket,” Jesse says. After he asked for her hand and she accepted, they “shed a few tears and laughed together.” When they walked back home, Jesse was surprised to see their families already waiting with cake and champagne.
Their Wedding A classic, organic-inspired wedding held in the location of the proposal—on the boat dock. 

“Walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time. Words can’t describe the excitement, butterflies and joy.” —Jesse


Classic, clean and natural
Wedding Planner
Sandi Sollaccio of Bash Weddings & Events
Hair & Makeup
Patricia LeJeune of LeJeune Hair & Makeup
Dreamery Films
Party Flavors
Arthur’s Catering
Mini zucchini, carrot cake & banana bread from Fresh Market
Lee James Floral Designs
Crew Entertainment
Paint It Black Quartet
Beautiful Music 
Lighting/Special Effects
Kaleidoscope Event Lighting
Jeff Kern

Mossy green décor enhanced the organic motif.

The cake had three flavors: chocolate with raspberry filling, vanilla with amaretto filling, and carrot.

Saying their vows in the family neighborhood.

The groom holds a fun sign for his bride.

Rosemary added herbal accents to the table settings.

A clear tent, delicate lighting and a lakeside view made for a romantic reception.

The couple's friend played Sigur RÓs piano songs during the ceremony.

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