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Claritox Pro Reviews – Don’t Miss These Crucial Facts Before Buying

Claritox Pro

Claritox Pro is the best vertigo and dizziness relief supplement. And it is for a good reason.

With only 12 natural and scientifically-proven ingredients packed in two capsules, Claritox Pro really delivers on its promise.

I have been using Claritox Pro for the past six months.

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Even after testing many popular supplements for dizziness and balance problems, I keep coming back to Claritox Pro.

The company promotes Claritox as the ‘World’s Best Supplement To Support Balance and Prevent Dizziness’.

With over 1 million bottles sold and numerous 5-star reviews, it has to be the best.


Let me ask, is this supplement best for everyone?

Will Claritox Pro work for you?

Just because I consider it best and it worked for me, will it work for you as well? That is what I am going to cover in this Claritox Pro review.

I hope by investing your few minutes in reading this review, you will able to decide if Claritox Pro is worth a try or not.

What Is Claritox Pro?

Claritox Pro is a 100% natural supplement containing scientifically-proven ingredients to support cognitive functions, balance system, and prevent dizziness. According to the official website, the maker of this formula is Jim Benson.

Jim Benson is 67 years old and lives in a small village next to Memphis, Tennessee. According to the official website, he was suffering from dizziness and other symptoms, and after researching for over a decade, he finally found the best remedy for dizziness and vertigo.

Jim strongly believes in the plant’s ability to improve our overall health, and he finds chromium, green tea, and Korean ginseng can target the root cause of vertigo and dizziness.

Claritox Pro contains herbs, vitamins, and minerals to eliminate vertigo and dizziness from its root. It comes in capsule form, and you have to take two capsules daily to get the best results.

Claritox Pro not only treats and prevents dizziness but also improves cognitive functions and overall mental health. While older people can use it to prevent dizziness and falls, young people can also use it to enhance their cognitive abilities.

In short, Claritox Pro is a 100% safe, secure, natural, and effective formula for everyone.

Many people have tried this supplement and achieved excellent results with it. They absolutely love the way and how quickly these capsules work for them. Moreover, some people are using it for over six years to keep their memory sharp.

If you want to get your hands on this supplement, order it from its official website by clicking the link below. The price of one bottle is $69, but if you order a multi-bottle package, you will get a good discount.

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Claritox Pro Benefits:

Claritox Pro contains ten ingredients to support balance and prevent dizziness and falls. Additionally, these ingredients are scientifically proven to improve overall cognitive functions as well.

Most dizziness supplements use synthetics or botanicals to address only the symptoms, and they don’t target the underlying cause of the problem.

Claritox Pro, on the other hand, is created to target the underlying cause of dizziness and other mental problems that most people suffer in their old age.

Claritox Pro works by:

Eliminating Vertigo and Dizziness:

The combination of milk thistle, Korean ginseng, chromium, and zinc works in synergy. This combination repairs brain cells, improves sleep, reduces inflammation, and prevents aging.

Improving Balance System:

Claritox Pro includes Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Berberine HCL to improve insulin response and cholesterol levels in the body. Low sugar level leads to dizziness and balance loss. So, these two ingredients of Claritox Pro improve the balance system.

Enhancing Brain Functions:

Many ingredients in the Claritox Pro formula support brain health and enhance mental performance regardless of age. Better brain cell repair, improved sleep, and proper nutrient absorption help improve mental performance and maintenance.

Reduces Brain Inflammation:

Green tea and ginseng are the best foods for reducing brain inflammation. Moreover, improving sleep can also contribute to reducing brain inflammation.

Claritox Pro Ingredients:

Claritox Pro contains an updated formula to support balance and prevent dizziness that worked really well for me and many other people as well.

Note: This section will be very detailed, and I suggest you read it properly, as it will explain why Claritox Pro works well.

Green Tea:

Green Tea – 150 mg (98% Polyphenols, 80% Catechins, and 50% EGCG) – can make you feel better by improving your mood and brain functions.

Polyphenols are the natural component of green tea that has numerous health benefits, like reducing inflammation and fighting against cancer cells. Moreover, catechins are a powerful antioxidant to prevent the growth of bacteria, reducing the risk of infections.

Finally, EGCG is the most researched component of green tea because researchers believe that this natural component can treat various diseases. We can say, EGCG is the main component that gives green tea all its medicinal properties.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Alpha Lipoic Acid (150 mg) – is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the treatment of various neurological disorders like diabetic polyneuropathy and multiple sclerosis. In addition, ALA can easily access the brain and prevent nerve tissues.

Moreover, ALA also reduces brain inflammation, promotes healthy nerve functions, reduces heart disease risk, and slows down the progression of memory loss disorders.

A 2018 study by Health & Science University in Portland, OR, found that balance impairment is a common problem in multiple sclerosis, and ALA is an effective supplement for MS and improves walking speed.

Berberine HCL:

Berberine (100 mg) – is the most powerful ingredient in Claritox Pro because it provides various health benefits. Moreover, Berberine can reduce blood sugar, cause weight loss, and improve heart health as well.

Berberine is a bioactive component extracted from several plants, mainly from a shrub group called Berberis. Berberine is an essential part of Chinese Traditional Medicine for treating various ailments. Moreover, modern science also supports its impressive benefits for treating various health problems.


Resveratrol (40 mg) – a component found in red grapes, improves memory performance by increasing cerebral blood flow. Moreover, it has several anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent diseases like diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, a study has shown that resveratrol can help improve balance in the older population and reduce the risk of hospitalization due to injuries caused by falls and slips.

Researchers believe that resveratrol has some anti-aging properties as well because a four-week study found that older mice was able to walk on the beam with the same balance as the younger mice.


Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate – 11mg) – is an essential nutrient in the body and has numerous health benefits. However, it is included in the Claritox Pro supplement because it helps in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Zinc deficiency leads to foggy thinking and memory problems because it plays an important role in regulating neuron communication.

According to the recommended dietary amount, adult men need around 11mg to experience the benefits of zinc.


Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate – 100mg) – is a common mineral found in supplements to improve nutrient absorption and produce weight loss. However, there are various other benefits of Chromium Picolinate.

Chromium also improves insulin response and reduces blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Proprietary Blend:

Along with the active ingredients mentioned above, Claritox Pro also includes a blend of herb and plant extracts. These ingredients include:

  • Milk Thistle
  • Cayenne
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Banaba Leaf

Claritox Pro includes these ingredients in a blend because they work collectively to prevent age-related decline in brain functions, support digestion, strengthen the immune system, and balance blood sugar levels.

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Claritox Pro Recommended Dosage:

The amount of each ingredient I have mentioned above comes from taking two capsules daily.

If you have not used any supplement before, you can start with one capsule daily and slowly increase the dosage to recommended two-capsule daily.

You can also take four capsules daily as there are no side effects reported by previous customers. For example, you can take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening.

Like any other supplement, it is better to start with a low dosage and increase your daily dosage only if you don’t get any side effects.

Claritox Pro Customer Reviews:

Claritox Pro has achieved over 90% success in treating dizziness and balance disorders. No other supplement has come close to the benefits people are getting with this supplement.

Here are a few words from previous customers explaining how this supplement solved their problems and how it works for them. These customer reviews explain why Claritox Pro is one of the premium dizziness and vertigo relief supplement.

Here are a few…

“I always had motion sickness and dizzy spells, but after I got into an accident, my dizzy spells became more often. I found Claritox Pro and tried it, and this product works. Now dizzy spells are rare.” – Nunu from Ontario, Canada.

“I had vertigo for 2-3 months, and I tried several remedies. Nothing worked. I saw an ad for Claritox Pro and decided to try it. After using it for five weeks, my vertigo completely disappeared. I stopped using the supplement, and to my surprise, symptoms didn’t come back.” – Chuckie from Orlando, FL.

“I was amazed to see the great results I got with Claritox Pro. Honestly speaking, Claritox worked much better than the prescriptions suggested to me by the doctor. I am still using it to keep my memory sharp.” – Becky Taylor from Athens, OH.

“Having vertigo and headaches in adult life is very troublesome. I wish I will never run out of these pills. These pills are really a lifesaver for me as they stop dizzy spells, headaches, and sickness. I always order a six-month package to have enough content.” – Heidi from Tampa, FL.

“I tried many things to control my vertigo and dizziness, but after taking Claritox capsules for one month, I started feeling much better. I am sure these capsules worked for me. Previously, I tried physical therapy and several pills, which did very little for me. Some things do not work for everyone, but I am glad this supplement worked for me.” – Edna from Chicago, IL.

Read More Customer Reviews On The Official Website

Claritox Pro’s Pros & Cons:


  • The supplement facts label provides an exact amount of each active ingredient in the formula.
  • 100% natural ingredients well-supported by scientific studies to reduce vertigo and dizziness spells.
  • It targets and reduces the root cause of vertigo and dizziness (i.e., brain inflammation).
  • It reduces anxiety and depression by lifting the mood.
  • No harsh chemicals, additives, or other ‘toxic’ components are included in this supplement.
  • This supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.
  • Its ingredients have been tested to avoid allergens, microbes, GMOs, and other containments.
  • Supplement batches have been retested to ensure their potency, safety, and purity.
  • Different packages and payment options
  • 60-days, empty-bottle, money-back guarantee


  • Only available on its official website.
  • The exact amount of some ingredients are not available
  • Very little information is available about the manufacturing facility and the formulator, Jim Benson.

Claritox Pro’s Side Effects:

I think the dosages included in the Claritox Pro are perfect. The dosage of every ingredient is effective, but it is not too high, which can cause adverse side effects.

According to the official website, all the ingredients included in the supplement are natural, and they go through a multi-step testing procedure before being included in the manufacturing process.

However, just like any other supplement you purchase online, this supplement also comes with general guidelines that one has to follow:

People below 18 years should avoid taking supplements.

Pregnant women should also avoid using the supplement without proper consultation.

People with underlying conditions or diseases should consult their doctors before using any new supplement.

Other than that, people who are above 18 years and healthy can try Claritox Pro to prevent dizzy spells and falls due to balance problems.

Claritox Pro includes some powerful ingredients that can make one feel jittery, but these are not too severe. Many people have obtained amazing benefits from this supplement, and some have been using it for years to prevent age-related mental decline.

Is Claritox Pro Right For You?

That is the same question I asked at the start of this Claritox Pro review.

You should now have a good understanding of Claritox Pro and how it works. You can now stop your search and give it a try because you have found the best vertigo and dizziness relief supplement.

Claritox Pro is an effective supplement, it contains natural ingredients that are well-supported by scientific studies, and people have been using them for several years to treat various health problems.

However, is Claritox Pro the right choice for you?

Claritox Pro is a dietary supplement that is not designed to prevent, cure, or treat mental problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autism, or dementia.

If you are diagnosed with any of the mental disorders mentioned above, then Claritox Pro may help you in providing relief from symptoms, but it will not take you deep down to address these cognitive problems.

Where To Buy Claritox Pro?

Claritox Pro is available only on its official website.

Some fake sellers have started using the name Claritox to sell fake products on highly-trusted sites. Some users received fake supplements when they order them from Amazon and other third-party stores. I always prefer purchasing supplements from their official website.

When it comes to the official website, you have three options to choose from:

  • One-Bottle Package: $69 per bottle
  • Three-Bottle Package: $59 per bottle (Total $177)
  • Six-Bottle Package: $49 per bottle (Total $294)

*Click Here To See Updated Pricing of Claritox Pro Supplement

As you can see, you will get a good discount when ordering a multi-bottle package. However, you can start with the one bottle to see how Claritox Pro works for you before ordering a multi-bottle package.

Every bottle contains 60 capsules; the recommended dosage is 2 capsules a day, which means you have a month’s supply.

Every package comes with free US shipping, and US customers will get their package within seven business days. However, customers residing outside the US have to pay $16 as a shipping fee, and they will get their package within 15 working days.

Moreover, every package comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have 59 days to try this product, and within this period, if you feel Claritox Pro is not working for you, then you can ask for a refund. You have to send empty or full bottles back to the manufacturing facility to start the refund process.

Expert Opinion on Claritox Pro:

I recommend Claritox Pro as the best supplement to get relief from vertigo and dizziness. This supplement is also for those who want to keep their memory sharp and improve overall cognitive functions.

When it comes to pricing, Claritox Pro is fairly priced. Some users on reddit.com and other sites commented that this supplement is only available on its official website and complained about not having a free trial offer.

I have been in the supplement industry for many years, and I know the problem with having a free trial offer. You simply cannot offer that when you have a high-quality product and selling it for a competitive price.

Additionally, a free trial is also not required when you have a 100% money-back guarantee. Sixty days are more than enough to test any supplement to see if it is working or not.

The company also decided not to sell its products on Amazon because they don’t want its product to appear along with other low-quality supplements.

Importantly, the Amazon User Rating system can easily be manipulated by some jealous manufacturers to create a fake bad image of the product.

It takes lots of hard work to prepare and manufacture a high-quality product, and you don’t want some jealous scammers to destroy your well-earned reputation.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality product to end your dizzy spells and support you in avoiding falls and slips, then there is no better product than Claritox Pro.

Claritox Pro is the best vertigo and dizziness relief supplement I’ve ever tried. Before trying Claritox, I tried various other drugs and physical therapy and got little to no results.

Well, Claritox Pro is not the cheapest dizziness supplement available on the market, but it is reasonably priced. For only $69, you get a month’s supply.

Claritox Pro includes scientifically-supported ingredients in its formulation, and if you try to purchase these ingredients yourself, it will cost you twice or thrice more than the price of this supplement.

Additionally, the company behind Claritox Pro went the extra mile to include only high-quality ingredients from trusted farmers who allow their plants to grow naturally. It takes lots of money for testing, product packaging, brand building, and other tasks.

I encourage you to look no further and try Claritox Pro to end dizziness and improve your balance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How to contact customer support? Is there any phone number?

A1: You can contact the customer support team by visiting the contact page on the official website. You can send your questions by filling out the form or emailing them.

Q2: Does Claritox Pro helps you with balance problems? Will I be able to walk and stand properly? 

A2: Yes! Claritox Pro includes some ingredients to support the balance. These ingredients reduce the risk of falls and slips by improving your balance so you can walk and stand properly.

Q3: Is there any free trial or smaller-size package?

A3: Currently, Claritox Pro is available only in a one-size bottle that comes with 60 capsules. Having a smaller-size bottle makes no sense as it takes some time for ingredients to gather and offer their benefits. Unfortunately, there is no free trial offer.

Q4: I tried this product and had some issues, how can I return it?

A4: Returning process is simple. All you have to do is send the bottles back (empty or full) to the manufacturer’s facility address mentioned on the bottle to get your money back.

Q5: How long will it take to get results with it?

A5: Some people get results more quickly than others, as results vary due to various factors. A test on a few users indicates that it takes around 9-12 months to get results. I recommend you start with at least three bottles.

Q6: In which country is this supplement manufactured?

A6: According to the official website, Claritox Pro is manufactured in the FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility located in Eaglewood, CO, USA.

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