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What's New At Orlando's Non-Theme Park Attractions

When it comes to attractions, there’s so much more to Orlando than the big theme parks. Areas like International Drive and Kissimmee offer lots of places to explore and get lost in the wonder of it all. Play tourist for a day, a weekend or even a week, and explore these other gems right in our own backyard.

What's New At Orlando Theme Parks

Orlando attractions are getting back to normal. And it’s just in time, as theme parks and smaller venues debut myriad offerings—including new coasters, rides, water slides, shows, festivals and even brand-new theme parks! Come along for the ride as we tour what’s new and what not to miss at Central Florida’s world-class attractions. There’s no better time to play the tourist than now.

Scroll Through Orlando's Murals By District

Driving along Mills Avenue or through the Milk District, you’re likely to be treated to an informal art show. Orlando has become a city of murals. Some of these artistic expressions are whimsical and iconic, while others are memorials to those we’ve lost, and still others are sweet reminders of the goodness in ourselves. These artworks make statements and are to be celebrated. Turn the page and take a visual tour of the street art in Downtown Orlando, Mills 50, the Milk District, Thornton Park and the West Arts District.