Author: Joseph Hayes

Daily Specials

The romance of the diner is alive and well in Orlando, where the old-school eateries often serve as places for friends to gather.

Slim Pickings

Lightweight netbooks are all the rage in the laptop market. There are enough differences in each of these micro-beauties to make choosing just one very difficult.

Sip in Style

Dining critic Joseph Hayes selects eight wines-four reds and four whites-that are 'in' this season. All labels are available at local wine retailers.

The Producers


Local farmers and food specialists are helping Orlando-area restaurants to get back to basics.  

7 Best New Restaurants


Since the beginning of 2008 we’ve seen many a restaurant door open, with a select few making a real impression on the local dining scene. Here are the best new eateries listed by their individual types of dining: American, Asian, Cuban, Italian, prix fixe, health-conscious and eclectic. 

Rivers' Edge

Commercial success may have eluded sax player Sam Rivers, but not the respect of his peers. At 85 and in frail health, he’s still showing musicians the way.

Recipe for Success

The Black Olive opens amid tough times in the restaurant business. But its food and ambiance give it a fighting chance to prevail.

The Father of Inventions

Forget buying neckties for Dad’s Day. What all patriarchs long for are sharp objects, long, straight drives, and Bond-worthy technology. Here are some gift ideas.

How We Built a Green (Lite) House

For (mostly) selfish reasons, we chose to be environmentally responsible when we remodeled our College Park home.

We are probably like a lot of people. We like to be aware of what we consume and what we waste, but we’re not fanatical about living a green life. We eat junk food on occasion and we often forget to bring our own bags to the supermarket. We’ve been known to drive to breakfast instead of walking to Christos, only a block away. You might say we live “green lite.”

So when we took on the enormous task of remodeling our two-bedroom, one-bath College Park cottage a few years back, we tried to be sensitive to the environment by using sustainable or recycled materials. But to be honest, a lot of our reasons for going green were selfish: an eco-friendly home costs less to maintain in the long run, looks better and provides a healthier place to live.

Every Little Bit Helps

You can lessen your impact on the environment in dozens of ways. Here are 9 products made with the three R’s—reduce, reuse and recycle—in mind.