Author: Denise Bates Enos

International Relations


Some couples decide upon a destination wedding for the built-in romance of an exotic locale. Others choose to marry on foreign soil because they share a love of travel. But for Lou De Berardinis and Jeny Cilano, the choice of an Italian wedding was all about family ties.  

Great Danes

When Preben and Lis Knudsen moved to the area 40 years ago, they imported their Scandinavian sensibilities to Florida homes.

Bright Ideas

You can have the most beautifully designed space around, but without the proper lighting all that gorgeous décor can’t be seen to its best advantage.

Tongue in Chic

Downtown condo dwellers create a sanctuary for their amusing art collection, showcasing their sense of humor and personal tastes.

This Old Victorian

Noted tortoise researcher Peter Pritchard and his wife, Sibille, bring world travels home to their historic ‘painted lady’ in Oviedo.

Saving Face

Too much fun in the sun takes a toll on your skin, but laser treatments can leave you with a new and younger look.