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Earthmuse Photos Worldwide, under the direction of International Photographer Ryan (female!), is a chic and unique company incorporating elements of natural lighting and exceptional artistry. We are a cross between editorial and photo-journalistic styles, creating pictures that chronicle an epic love story.

We take joy in capturing the natural lighting, landscapes, and raw moments of life – resulting in an image that will leave you breathless. Ryan also shoots fashion shows and events, bringing a posh, modern, sleek, simple, and elegant technique to everything she does.

“First and foremost I am an artist and lover of light. I am Van Gogh painting your wedding day with plush scenes and raw emotions, the details and utter perfection of life through my viewfinder as the light captures my eye and I brush your moment on my canvas (photo-graphy). –Ryan

Let us capture your day with style and finesse.

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