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Still on a Roll

Food trucks continue to reinvent the wheel. Here are five new mobile restaurants you should check out.

Photos by Rebecca Males

In the year since the food truck phenom took hold in Orlando, the number of mobile kitchens has grown from six to more than 60. Below are some of the more recent notable entries on the vittle van scene.  Offerings are in the $3 to $8 range, and menus and locations change often, so check each truck’s Twitter stream for updates.

Twisted Cuban (Above)
Chef: Alex Flores

Trained chef Flores, owner of the Half Full Coffee House in DeLand, took inspiration from Miami’s over-the-top truck scene for his colorful coach. The GBD (golden brown and delicious) balls feature roasted chicken and saucy rice wrapped in a deep-fried crust for a new take on arroz con pollo.


Chefs: Viveca and Håkan Averstedt

Direct from Stockholm, the Averstedts started their American careers as nitro-powered drag racers (Viveca is called the “fastest Viking woman on the planet.”). Now on slower wheels, the team produces Svenska meatballs (right) and a savory salmon casserole.


Bistro Babe’s Cafe
Chefs: Tracy Barks and Brenda Brown

The Babes call themselves “enthusiastic major foodies” with a remarkable range of dishes, from satay chicken and Asian ginger turkey burgers to Portuguese pulled pork and hand-made chips with lime-zest salt.


Kalbi Hau5
Chefs: Herbert Tinjaca and Henry Lai

“Kalbi” is grilled marinated short ribs, a Korean staple; “Hau5” is pronounced “house”; the Kalbi Hau5 truck serves delicacies like pork in a sesame-soy marinade with sweet caramelized onions pressed in a quesadilla with melted jack and cheddar cheeses and spicy citrus-jalapeno sauce.


Fork in The Road
Chef: Bryce Balluff

Former chef at Funky Monkey and Draft Global Beer, Balluff (right) serves up sophisticated street food such as slow-braised pork belly and pickled daikon in a Banh Mi sandwich, as well as an andouille sausage and okra gumbo dog.

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Mar 4, 2012 05:35 pm
 Posted by  Pop Girl

Please, whoever wrote this forgot about the most important person there: Mark Baratelli of www.thedailycity.com, who actually puts these things together 1-3 per week, every single week! We would not be there if he weren't the one doing the leg work for us and we would not have the followers if he didn't advertise and put this concept out there for the entire city of Orlando.

Shame on you, Orlando Magazine; you should've acknowledged him in your article.

Bonnie Rich
Pop Craft Pops-Central Fla
Vendor in thedailycity.com Food Truck Bazaars

Mar 29, 2012 05:26 pm
 Posted by  Joseph Hayes

Bonnie, thanks for reading and commenting. No need for shame, I have mentioned Mr. Baratelli's very valuable work many times, including in one of the first roundups of food trucks published in Orlando almost a year ago. This piece was about the trucks, not the truck bazaars, and I'm sure you will agree that Mark does not have a truck, although I'm certain he would be great at it.
Joseph Hayes

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