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Light Dancing

Our Town

People and places that define Orlando

Our Town

People and places that define Orlando

Warped View

Our Town

People and places that define Orlando

Lonely Street

Impromptu Performance

Now Showing, or Maybe Not

 The Plaza Cinema Café’s bumpy opening goes into an extended run, raising questions about the downtown multiplex’s management. 

A Haunting Memory Comes Out of Hiding

 After learning how his mother survived the Holocaust, Sentinel columnist Greg Dawson wondered if he could do her story justice. 

Stuck in Transition

 The bankrupt 55 West development plans to open as an apartment building, biding its time for the condo market to come back. 

Crowded Airspace?

New Kid on the Block

 Disney’s Hall of Presidents reopens with ‘Robobama’ in the spotlight.  

The Name Game

 The Magic told us in June that they were close to a reaching a naming deal on the new Orlando Events Center, but a team spokesman wouldn’t offer any specifics. Therefore, we decided to come up with some sponsorship scenarios of our own.

Intimate Altruism

 Denise Johnson opens her heart as her lingerie store closes. 

The Game of Life Coaching

Tired of sitting on the bench? Maybe you need a pep talk to help you get to the next level.

Early Riser

It's Showtime

The Plaza Cinema Café has finally opened in downtown Orlando—and our reviews of it are mostly positive.

Voice of America

 The national anthem is far from an easy song, but Catina Mack loves to sing it anyway.  

Sleeping on the Job

 Brian Feldman’s occupation includes taking a 50-hour snooze nd attempting to cry. Nice work if you can get it.

What's Wrong with this Picture?

More Powerful Than a Locomotive

 In stopping SunRail for the second straight year, state Sen. Paula Dockery overcame formidable opposition. Of course, she did have the help of a three-ring binder filled with highlighted notes on the proposed commuter-rail project.

Passing the Gavel

 Upon retiring from the Florida Supreme Court bench, Charlie Wells reflects on the 2000 presidential recount and returning home to Orlando. 

Star Bursts

 At the Florida Film Festival, Glenn Close and Jon Voight talk about heroes, villains and what makes a film a classic.  

Alan Grayson

 He’s the newly elected U.S. representative for Florida’s 8th Congressional District. Grayson, 51, lives in Orlando with his wife and five children, ages 4 to 14.  

He's a Big Shot

 Jeff Chase plays two roles in the new Star Trek film. But the roles aren’t as big as the actor who plays them.  

Magic Moment

Hank Fishkind

 He’s an economist who researches and forecasts Florida’s economy. Fishkind, 59, has offices in Orlando, Naples and Port St. Lucie. 

He's a Rainstorm Cowboy

 When he’s not forecasting the weather on FOX 35, Jim Van Fleet is singing in The Reign.  

Rock 'n' Stroll

 City sidewalks jammin’ with 10-foot-tall guitar sculptures.  

He Made the Cut

 From Chicago to Orlando, artist Charles Turzak left his mark in woodcuts and paintings. 

The Jail's 4-1-1 on Casey Anthony

 Allen Moore is caught up in the drama, but he prefers to work behind the scenes.  

One for the Road

 Known for serving stiff drinks, the late owner of ‘Wally’s’ is remembered for his soft side.  

Michelle Valentine

 The cutely named Valentine has been a professional matchmaker for more than 10 years. Her office is in Winter Park. 

Old Haunts

 A downtown walking tour is a spirited exploration of Orlando’s more lurid history. 

Coming Soon to a City Near You

Brooke Shields, Tupperware Lady

 The actress can’t contain herself in her role as a brand spokeswoman. 
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