April 2009

April 2009


Wedding Guide

 Planning a wedding is in the details, and Orlando magazine’s Wedding Guide gives you some help with them. From a local couple who traveled to a coastal Italian village to celebrate...

Crowning Glories

 It’s your day to be a princess—why not top off your bridal ensemble with a tiara?  

International Relations

 Some couples decide upon a destination wedding for the built-in romance of an exotic locale. Others choose to marry on foreign soil because they share a love of travel. But for Lou De...

Is Sam Zell Digging the Sentinel's Grave?

 The maverick real estate investor earned his fortune—and the nickname “the Grave Dancer”—by capitalizing on corporate decay. In buying Tribune Company late last year,...

Bringing Health to the Table

 Chef John Procacci believes in serving and eating great-tasting food that is rich in nutrients. He’s the chef/owner of Healthy Chef Creations, a Winter Park business that sells and...

For Your Eyes Only

 The results of treatments for tired-looking eyes can be subtle—or dramatic.

Wanna ZUMBA?

 The new workout combines resistance training with a high-intensity dance routine.

Dr. Oz Wants to Tuck You in

 In addition to being a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, DR. MEHMET OZ is the vice chair and a professor of surgery at Columbia University as well as medical director of the...

Health, Fitness & Beauty

[Cool Bars] Trendy

How We Built a Green (Lite) House

For (mostly) selfish reasons, we chose to be environmentally responsible when we remodeled our College Park home.We are probably like a lot of people. We like to be aware of what we consume and...

Every Little Bit Helps

You can lessen your impact on the environment in dozens of ways. Here are 9 products made with the three R’s—reduce, reuse and recycle—in mind.

Eco Crusaders

Like organic produce and hydrogen fuel cells, environmentalists come in all shapes and sizes. These four green advocates work in different ways but they share a single goal: taking care of the planet.

[Spotlights] They Own the Night

Business partners run six downtown bars that cater to various demographics. 

The Nightlife Issue

[Spotlights] Star Attraction

Singing is a big production at the new CityWalk karaoke bar.

[Spotlights] Raising the Bar

Ivy adds the right mix to the posh Bösendorfer Lounge.

[Spotlights] The Lounge Act Lives

For nearly 20 years, Mark and Lorna have given Orlando a taste of old Vegas. 

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From the Editor

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Our Town

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Top Picks

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Body & Soul

Dr. Oz on Vitamin D, Dancing to Remember

Something to Smile About

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At Home

A Sense of Repurpose'

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The City Beautiful

Able to Leap Tall Buildings