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2018 Guide to Private Schools

Holy Family Catholic School

Map5129 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd.
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 876-9344


Voted one of the top Private Schools in Orlando by various local media outlets for 5-consecutive years. Holy Family Catholic School boasts top academics complimented by cutting edge technology, fine arts, foreign language, and a vibrant sports program. Although our students are known for their high rankings in national standardized tests, our philosophy is to provide a Catholic atmosphere where our students achieve academic excellence and a deep love for their faith.

Students at Holy Family Catholic School are given the opportunity for spiritual growth and academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. Our school offers each student the following:
• Living faith experience with daily prayer, weekly liturgies, and seasonal prayer services.
• Sound basic curriculum with emphasis on religion, language arts, reading, mathematics, social studies, science, physical education and fine arts.
• Our campus is wireless. Students have the opportunity to work with brand new interactive display boards and Chromebooks for research, on-line activities, projects, and presentations.
• A state of the art STREAM lab that brings science to life by promoting a hands-on, interactive, and engaging learning environment.
• Integrated technology curriculum across each subject.
• Music program, including chorus and band, both beginner and advanced.
• Physical education program.
• Fine arts and Drama program.
• Students in each grade level are taught Spanish. We also offer Advanced Spanish classed in grades 5 to 8 to Spanish speaking students.

Still, at the center of these offerings is the desire to instill in our students a deeper understanding that Christ is the reason Holy Family Catholic School exists, as a result, encouraging our students to be true examples of Christ each and every day. In addition, we strive to provide the students with the opportunity to reach out beyond the walls of the classroom and into the community; thus, fostering an environment where students come to realize they have the power to make the lives of those around them better.

At Holy Family Catholic School, our goal is to provide our students the best possible education in a Catholic environment, enabling them to succeed in the world.

Holy Family Catholic School is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference and is a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School.

Additional Information:

Principal: Sister Dorothy Sayers
Affiliation: Catholic
Opened: 1996
Features: Competitive Sports, Art, Band, Choir, Music, Drama, Foreign Languages
Enrollment: 680
County: Orange County
Grade Range: PK-8th

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