January 2011

Bridal Shower Etiquette


Bridal Shower Etiquette

I often hear brides questioning etiquette associated with bridal showers, so here are a few key items to consider: A shower is most often given by the maid of honor, bridesmaid or close friend (and not by the bride’s mother, sister or grandmother). When making the guest list, remember to invite only those who will also be invited to the wedding. And finally, there’s no set custom on dates in relation to wedding day but I recommend having a bridal shower four to six weeks before the wedding.

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Citrus Club Makeover

The Citrus Club is next on my Top Five Venue’s List (a continuation of blogs from 11/2 and 12/10). Located on the top floor of the BB&T building on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, the Citrus Club offers spectacular views of the city (an ideal backdrop for any wedding reception). A recent $4 million renovation features new furnishings and décor, multimedia capabilities, LCD televisions and more.  Its new modern facilities will be able to accommodate small groups or parties of up to 300 guests. And one must not forget the Citrus Club’s exceptional culinary creations, with menus to suit any type of event. Visit

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Style Points for Men


Style Points for Men

Whether you decide to go formal or casual, the most important parts of dressing grooms and groomsmen are style and fit. The jacket should hug the shoulders perfectly and the bottom hem needs to cover the butt. Shirt collars should lay flat on the back and sides of the neck without any gaps or bulges. And allow a half an inch of shirt to show past the sleeve of the jacket. Finally, pant hems must break across the top of shoelaces. I also recommend wearing a pair of colorful socks—great way to show personality without making a spectacle.

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Hiring a Wedding Planner


Hiring a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner may just be the best decision you make. They not only provide ideas and recommendations but can alleviate a lot of wedding day stress. Before hiring someone, make sure to interview them thoroughly. You’ll want to find out how many weddings they’ve done and check references (previous clients and vendors). Second, discuss your wedding planner’s payment structure. Typically they charge either a percentage of the total budget (15-20%) or a flat fee. I recommend going with a percentage of the budget, sometimes flat fees only cover a certain amount of time dedicated to your wedding details. 

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Move Over, Cupcakes


Move Over, Cupcakes

 Whoopie pie mania has accelerated over the past few years, showing up in waves across the country and are now outselling cupcakes as the new take on wedding cakes. Whoopie pies aren't pies at all; they’re more like a cake sandwich with dense sponge cake pieces sandwiched together with a buttercream filling (pictured here). Whoopie pies originated in Pennsylvania Amish country: cooks turned leftover cake batter into "cookies" for their husbands’ lunch boxes and when they found their treat would yell “whoopee!" To get whoopie pies in Orlando, visit or call 888-766-0686.

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The New Honeymoon


The New Honeymoon

Honeymoons are evolving. I see more couples deciding to leave the classic honeymoon trip behind to take more dynamic and flexible vacations. Coined the "honeyweekend," this type of short trip is now appealing to couples who can't take extra time away from work or, for some newlyweds, their children, or can’t afford a full-blown honeymoon. This approach allows for a series of weekend getaways in the months following the wedding. Visit for recommendations on travel destinations and to plan your trip.

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