August 2010

Tasty Favors


Tasty Favors

I went to a beautiful beach wedding this spring and, surprise, surprise, I got another silver dolphin bottle opener as a wedding favor. In the grand scheme of things wedding favors are a waste of money, I think, because few are worth keeping. But if you insist on having favors for your guests, might I suggest something edible and memorable? Personalized cookies made to match any wedding theme are a neat treat to give as favors, and they won’t end up in a kitchen drawer. Check out Cookie Cousins in College Park (or online

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Insure Your Rings


Insure Your Rings

If you have existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, by all means include your wedding rings under this policy. Keep in mind, however, that some insurance policies don’t cover accidental loss or a ring valued over a certain dollar amount. Therefore, a separate policy, or a rider on an existing policy, is necessary. The cost of coverage for your rings is based on its appraised value (you’ll need to get an appraisal from a jeweler and provide to your insurance company for a quote). If you can afford the extra money for this coverage I would strongly suggest getting it. Call any local insurance company or go online to for a free quote.

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Bride and Groom Gifts


Bride and Groom Gifts

It’s customary for the bride and groom to exchange gifts before they wed. While some view this as an old-fashioned form of etiquette or an unnecessary added expense (the groom did just buy a diamond ring for his sweetheart, after all), it can be a beautiful gesture of love between bride and groom before taking their vows. Not every gift needs to be of a retail nature, so get creative and I guarantee more value and meaning will be received. Pass down a piece of family jewelry or engrave your watches with your wedding date. And be sure to set aside some private time before your wedding to share your gifts with each other.

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Bridal Expos

Heading to a bridal expo is a great way to start getting ideas for you upcoming nuptials. Luckily for Orlando brides there’s a multitude of bridal shows coming up. Visit (click events and type in Orlando in the search field) for a complete list of events, including dates, locations and details of what to expect at each one. Keep in mind that once you’ve seen one show you’ve pretty much seen them all. So pick one that is free (or has a low entry fee) and features vendors you’re interested in interviewing. Oh, and be prepared to sample a lot of different kinds of wedding cakes.

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Fall Color Trends


Fall Color Trends

According to, the top 10 color trends for fall are: rose dust, oyster gray, woodbine (olive green), lagoon (aqua), chocolate truffle, purple orchid, lipstick red, living coral, golden glow (golden yellow) and endive (buttery yellow). These trends, building on the color trends from spring, can be used alone or mixed and matched to create an inspirational palette for any wedding. Don’t be afraid to use color – even if it may not “match” the season. In some situations, color works best as an accent. For example, lagoon as the color of table cloths and chair covers would be overwhelming. Instead, use lagoon in your centerpieces and in other decorations so it will pop out in small amounts.

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