November 2009


The SunRail Slant

     You really have to wonder why the Orlando Sentinel is so blatantly biased in its reporting on SunRail. I can recall very few times when I have seen a mainstream daily paper produce such one-sided coverage of a controversial topic as the Sentinel has on the proposed 61-mile commuter rail system.      Cases in point:  The Sentinel ran two section-front “news” stories and a My Word op-ed column on SunRail on three consecutive days this month. The two news reports, on Nov. 11 and 13, were headlined “Legislators close to SunRail deal” and “Confident Dyer says SunRail approval near.” The earlier story began this way: “After two embarrassing defeats, the SunRail commuter train could be on the verge of...

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10 Signs of the Apocalypse


10 Signs of the Apocalypse

10. I bought a Prius. I would rather have gotten the new Camaro, but I’m 52 and starting to get a conscience. So I caved and got a hybrid. My soon-to-be-16-year-old daughter thinks I’ll get over the conscience thing and give her the Prius. She’s only half right—I’ll trade it in on a Camaro.9. Florida is losing population. And this is a bad thing?8. Lightning struck and killed the fountain in Lake Eola. Believe me, that was a sign from God.7. For a failing bank to get bailout money it only had to fill out a two-page form. Meanwhile, the federal government generated 36 pages of instructions and forms for participants to use in the “cash for clunkers” program.6. Jennifer Aniston still can’t hold on to a man.5. Neither Mayor Crotty nor Mayor Dyer has raised taxes for the...

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About This Blog

Mike BosletWriting a bio presents a personality conflict to Mike Boslet. Do I write it in the third person, referring to me as Mike Boslet, or Boslet, like I barely know myself? Or do I take the casual approach, referring to me in the first person? After all, no one knows him (that is, me) better than I (that is, him) do.

What would Boslet do, I ask myself? He would try to write a bio in the first person, after which he would decide there are too many “I’s” in it and start over with the third-person approach. You see, Boslet spent 22 years working on newspapers, where “I” rarely gets past editors. And, by the way, Boslet is an editor as well as a writer, which only complicates things. Columnists and some feature writers can get away with the “I” word, but not reporters. Boslet served some time as a newspaper reporter and in his heart of hearts I am still one.

I think it’s time for Boslet, who’s been the editor of Orlando magazine since February 2008, to break the chains of his newspaper past and write the way he wants to write and not how some people (and you know who you are) would like him to write.

Hence this blog, on whatever he and I want to write about, in whatever way we choose.

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