#7 Restrooms Galore

Things to love about the new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

If there’s one detail that looms large when a performing arts center is being built, it’s the design and number of restrooms. The Dr. Phillips Center boasts 20 lobby restrooms, more than twice that of Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre.  The central lobby's Harriett's Ladies Lounge, the largest restroom in the building, is named for philanthropist Harriett Lake for her $1 million donation to the center. It features pink-and-white penny tiles and a dazzling crystal chandelier designed by center president Ramsberger in collaboration with a New York company. “There are formulas for (bathroom numbers for) women and men, and usually we’re always wrong—we never seem to have enough,” says architect Barton Myers. “But we try to get better and better about it.”

An arts center open house for the community is set for Nov. 8-9. For details about opening events and shows, go to drphillipscenter.org.

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