Casey: Is Her Goose Deep-Fryed?

    I had a sneaking suspicion that Judge Perry would release his order this morning (May 9) regarding air samples taken from Casey's car trunk. The whole gang, including Casey, Judge Perry, prosecutors and defense attorneys, have taken flight for Pinellas County. Casey will be there until a jury is selected. Hopefully, the food is as marginal as it is in the Orange County jail.
    The judge denied the defense motion, and that means the final Frye, the one that's never been tested in a court of law, will be allowed at trial. To say the judge carefully studied his options is understatement. In his ruling, he said that it is quite apparent Dr. Vass and Dr. Furton, the respective state and defense experts, are going to present opinions based on the results of the GS/MS data, but their opinions will be far from similar. The judge wrote, "The disagreement between the experts is best resolved by the trier of fact, the jury. This is where both the defense and the state will have the opportunity to controvert the experts' findings and conclusions.
    There's no doubt that this is a heavy blow to the defense, but certainly, Dr. Vass is not without his critics. The judge merely decided it was something the jury should be made aware of, just like the other Frye rulings. There will be no more time for defense objections. I intend to study the 23-page document and write a more comprehensive report on it later this week, pending no SHOCKING! BREAKING STORIES in the interim. Please feel free to discuss this latest development.






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May 9, 2011 09:36 am
 Posted by  Mary Jo

Dave, thanks for keeping us up to date on all these motions and things happening with this case. I am not surprised that JP ruled the way he did. He did take his time and I am glad that he did so the defense can't come back and say he ruled too quickly. I think it is fine to have the jury decide if they think the testimony from Dr. Vass is something they want to consider as evidence or not. It will be a battle of the experts. This defense has to feel a little defeated after having all of these motions denied. I am so happy that this case has finally started. It has been a long road with many twists. Thanks again for this article!

May 9, 2011 09:39 am
 Posted by  debwagstongue

She cries finally when it's about her life in jeopardy Maybe the enormity of it all is finally hitting her? Who knows. I will be blogging here all day if anyone else is watching. Thanks Dave for posting, we will be here reading everything you write.

May 9, 2011 12:13 pm
 Posted by  Linda91254

Can you believe that Baez, her defense atty, didn't even know HOW jurors are chosen by the state for jury duty in reference to race?

Baez objected to jury selection because there weren't enough Blacks or Hispanics. When the judge explained that it is based precisely on that info and precentages that is taken from FLA drivers licenses.

I would think that it would be in Law 101....

Baez is in WAAAAAY over his head

May 9, 2011 01:07 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I love Judge Perry, and I believe he is the right man for the job---even though I loved Judge Strickland too--this case needs Perry.
I have been following this case since day one, we happened to be vacationing in Orlando when Caylee was reported "missing".....which brings me to the reason for my comment tonight. I've got a few Facts that I would love to have you write about Dave.
For example, everyone always talks about how Casey waited 31 days to report her daughter as "missing"---when in fact, Casey didn't go to the police--CINDY did! Cindy has to Force Casey to speak to the cops!
And could you enlighten everyone about what actually happened on the DAY that Cindy & George got the car from the impound lot? I still don't understand how they went back to their jobs after discovering the car---only AFTER work does Cindy go looking for Casey!
Other questions/thoughts:: Can the police review Caseys cell phone records & find out when she probably dumped poor Caylee's body?
Do you know if Lee's home was ever checked out (specifically by the cadaver dogs)?
Thanks for any info you can share, love your writing, and I simply. Can Not Wait to hear Jose's opening statements!!!! BTW, where do you recommend that I could watch the trial?
Thank You, Wendy.

May 9, 2011 02:14 pm
 Posted by  Peggy

Thanks Dave for the latest information on the trial. Finally they are picking a jury or in this case today, getting the ones that will not have a hardship. I was not surprised that Casey was crying, it has probably finally hit her, this is it there is no waiting around in her cell, eating munchies and reading and maybe at time far far away the trial will start. It is time for her to meet the jury and hear all the evidence against her. I am glad that Cindy and George are allowed in the court room, they can finally hear what their daughter did to their precious granddaughter. I am guessing that it will be very hard on George and he may not be able to hear it all. I have to admit I am very surprised that he made it this long, I was afraid he would not.

Thanks Dave for the news on Dr. Vass, that is such good news. I was pretty sure he would rule that way, it is very damaging to the Defense. Not only is Casey finally getting it that C-Day (Caylee's Day) is finnaly here, so is Jose.

May 9, 2011 05:18 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Casey cried when JP read the charges, imo that is kind of telling. To me it seems she is feeling guilty and or embarrassed. On In Session jurors have told them in the past when the defendant cried during the charges being read they felt they were guilty. Involuntary sign from Casey? To me she only cries for HERSELF! Loved the honest young potential juror who said he thought she was guilty. If looks could kill, Casey would have killed for the second time imo. Laurali

May 9, 2011 06:23 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

debswagstongue says: So, today was very telling for me in several ways. Most people don't want to sit on the jury, hardships galore. I was surprised so many people took that route, but I understand why in most cases. Now, Casey's behavior on the other hand was another whole story She cried and showed emotion, but it was because of her own situation, and not the death of her daughter. I bet she won't cry when evidence is shown of Caylee's bones. I could almost wager a bet on that one. Judge Perry surprised me by letting so many prospective jurors off the hook too. I would have thought he would have been a little more strict on the people who claimed loss of income, but I am sure he knows what he is doing, and I have no complaints, he will get a good jury.
I was also surprised not to see Cindy and George in the courtroom. Did it have somnething to do with the visit that was denied?
I think this jury selection will take awhile longer than Judge Perry thinks, and I don't mind one bit, because it's important to get the right jury. No media hounds, no one seeking fame, and no one who serves against their will is important to this verdict. Oh, and one last thing, what about that new mug shot? It was haunting to say the least. Don't you all agree?

May 9, 2011 07:31 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I think reality is maybe starting to set in for Casey. When she entered the court room today she looked like she knew this was now getting serious and it isn't fun anymore. I am glad that the prosecutors said something to JP about her emotional outbursts and that the jury should not pay any attention to it.

May 9, 2011 07:34 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

When Casey walked into the court room today she had a sad look on her face. I wonder if it had anything to do with the prosecution offering her a plea deal and she refused it? She is a fool to not accept it.

May 9, 2011 08:03 pm
 Posted by  Carole


So glad we have you here to keep us up to the minute on this case.

I just read something on WS that talked about the DT having thrown a monkey wrench into the "sniff test" ruling by JP. Whatever happened must have happened late this afternoon in the courtroom.

I have been searching till my eyes are crossed but can't find out any details about this. Do you have any insight as to what is going on? Could this just be another bout of whining by JB? Or could this be a real threat to the evidence being admitted?

Thank you for all of your research that makes your posts the BEST!!!

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